Wrangler JK vs. Wrangler JL: What’s the Difference?

Wrangler JK vs. Wrangler JL: What’s the Difference?

When the Jeep Wrangler JK hit the market in 2007, it made Jeeps more appealing to a wider range of Americans. The Wrangler JL came out in 2018 and showcased Jeep’s commitment to improving the Wrangler.

Whether you enjoy off-roading or never go off road, the JL has a lot to offer. Read to find out more about the Wrangler JK vs. the Wrangler JL. What’s the difference?

Fuel Economy

The JL has a more aerodynamic body, weight-saving materials, and transmission improvements. These changes can substantially improve your gas mileage.

The JK has a boxier shape, whereas the JL grille is more rounded, and the windshield reclines at a greater angle. Additionally, the doors, hood, fenders, and tailgate panels are made from aluminum, so the JL weighs less than the JK.

Another feature that improves the fuel economy is the JL’s eight-speed transmission. And the electronic, rather than hydraulic, steering mechanism makes the JL more responsive at slow speeds than the JK, and improves the fuel economy.

Interior Improvements

One of the biggest differences between the Wrangler JK and the Wrangler JL is the interior. While exterior differences can sometimes be difficult to spot, you can clearly see the changes in the interior styling and functionality.

The JL has better controls on the steering wheel and an upgraded dash with more digital features. The JL’s infotainment center is, unsurprisingly, a lot better than the JK’s. The JL has either a 5.0-, 7.0-, or 8.4-inch touchscreen depending on the trim.

The JL also has greater interior space. Four-door models of the JL were lengthened by four inches, and two-door models were lengthened by two inches. This results in a more comfortable space for everyone.

Converting for Open-Air Driving

If you enjoy riding around in a Jeep that’s open to the outside air, the JL makes it easy. For one thing, it’s easier to remove and install a soft top on a JL. It’s also easier to remove the doors since they weigh less.

It’s a lot easier to fold the windshield down, too. That’s because an improved roll bar design means that Jeep didn’t have to make the JL’s windshield load bearing. You can simply remove the windshield wipers, then the four interior bolts near the visors, and then lower the windshield down over the hood. Use windshield tie-down straps to keep it secure.

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