Why Light Guard Covers Are Important for Jeeps

Why Light Guard Covers Are Important for Jeeps

Many Jeep Wrangler owners take advantage of the fact that their ride is so customizable with Jeep modifications. With all your modification options, it’s reasonable to ask why light guard covers are important for Jeeps. AM Off-Road believes they’re well worth the investment. See why Jeep Wrangler taillight covers make valuable additions to your ride.

Protection for Your Lights

The biggest reason why light guard covers are important for Jeeps is that they provide protection for your lights. Covers shield your lights from road contaminants and grime, maintaining their ability to illuminate the road ahead.

Especially during off-roading adventures, your lights are vulnerable to impact from rocks, sticks, and other common backroad features. Because light guard covers uphold the quality of your lights and reduce the risk of damage, they’re a cost-effective investment. Adequate headlight and taillight protection decreases your need to invest in repairs and replacements.

Low Maintenance

Light guard covers rarely require cleaning. When they do need a wash, it’s easy to do so. If you take your Jeep off-roading, you’ll likely need to clean the light guard covers off more often to reduce debris buildup. But that’ll only require a damp microfiber cloth and a bit of your time.

Avoid using chemical cleaners and soap, as they leave a residue on the guard covers. Your light guard covers’ cleanliness is crucial to their performance, which makes it convenient that you only have to do so every once in a while or after an intense off-roading excursion.


As with many other modifications, light guard covers are an opportunity to customize your vehicle’s exterior appearance. Aftermarket manufacturers sell light guard covers in a variety of designs, so you can find some that suit your dream ride goals.

Where To Find Light Guard Covers for Your Jeep

AM Off-Road has a unique selection of light guard covers to choose from. Whether you want to create a more menacing appearance with angry eye light guard covers or express your adoration for your pup with a paw print guard cover, we’ve got just the light guard designs you need. Start your customizing process with our abundance of aftermarket accessories at an affordable price.

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