Why Jeeps Don’t Depreciate Like Other Cars

Why Jeeps Don’t Depreciate Like Other Cars

As you drive on the road, you might notice that there tend to be many Jeep vehicles from long ago that are still running, often more so than any other make. You might be asking yourself how a 20-year-old car can look so good compared to yours or one you’ve owned in the past. Learn why Jeeps don’t depreciate like other cars ahead.

High Mileage

A Jeep’s ability to reach high mileage is the first major reason why they hold their value. It’s said that Jeep vehicles can easily reach 200,000 miles, but if you keep up with maintenance, they can even reach up to 400,000 miles. For most used vehicles, getting one with a lot of miles can bring the cost down or deter you from making a purchase, but because Jeeps can tally up twice as many miles, their worth remains intact.

Cheap To Fix

What the name “Jeep” stands for remains a mystery to this day, but a common theory that’s floated around over the years is that it stands for “Just Enough Essential Parts.” There is some truth behind this theory because Jeeps are known for having simple parts and being reliable. Jeep vehicles also have a ton of aftermarket parts available compared to other vehicles, making them easy to fix and maintain for years.

Durable Vehicles

Jeeps aren’t just cheap to fix—they are also incredibly durable to the point where they can handle many off-road terrains and harsh weather conditions. This is in large part due to the fact that Jeep vehicles are equipped with four-wheel drive and were originally built for use in war.

Timeless Look

If you look at Jeep’s forebearers, you will quickly realize that nothing significant has changed with its appearance over the years. With the front grille and rounded headlights becoming a staple of the vehicle since the days of World War II, the look has become timeless. An appearance with a rich history that has stood the test of time has allowed Jeep vehicles to age gracefully instead of appearing outdated.

Jeep Has a Following

The final reason why Jeeps don’t depreciate like other cars is that they have a cult-like following. Ever heard of the Jeep wave? Owners love their vehicles and put a lot of care into them by making several additions, such as adding Jeep grille inserts, installing new lights, lifting the vehicle, and doing so more to make it their own. Owners are loyal and tend to stick with the American-made brand for years, making Jeeps vehicles incredibly popular.

The superior longevity of a Jeep is a compelling reason to purchase the vehicle in the first place since it will have some type of resale value down the line. Keeping a Jeep in good condition starts with maintenance and making some upgrades with AM Off-Road's diverse collection of accessories.

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