Why Grilles Are So Important to Jeep Owners

Why Grilles Are So Important to Jeep Owners

One of the first things people notice when they see a Jeep is its grille. The seven-slot grille has become an iconic feature of the vehicle. It also possesses an extensive backstory and value to drivers. If you are unfamiliar with them, you should learn why grilles are so important to Jeep owners.

Grilles Have an Interesting History

One reason why grilles are so important is that they have an interesting history that goes back to World War II. Willys-Overland Motors and Ford produced the Willys MB and the Ford GPW for the United States and Allied forces. At the time, the vehicles’ grilles had nine slots and curved around headlamps above smaller lights.

When Jeep became its own brand, it needed to change its design. Because Ford trademarked the nine-slot grille design, Jeep lowered its design to seven. Although no one knows why the manufacturers chose seven, one theory is that it was because the Jeep was the first vehicle on all seven continents.

Grilles Have an Important Purpose

Another reason why grilles are so important to Jeep owners is that they play a significant role in the operation of the vehicles. If you didn’t have a grille on your Jeep, your vehicle would risk overheating.

The part does this by allowing air to pass into the engine compartment so that your engine and radiator stay cool. Additionally, the part also protects the engine by removing any debris with the help of a grille insert. No rocks, sticks, or pebbles will hit your engine parts with this added protection, and your Jeep will stay in better condition.

Grilles Add Style to Your Jeep

Grilles are also essential to Jeep owners because they add style to their vehicles. For example, an aftermarket grille can give a Jeep a more personalized, aggressive look and reflect its owner’s sensibilities. Not only does it protect your vehicle as you drive through sandy trails or rough terrain, but it makes your Jeep look better as you do it.

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