What Sway Bars Do for Your Jeep

What Sway Bars Do for Your Jeep

There are many features in vehicles that improve their overall value and safety for its passengers. There are additional applications that can amplify your car’s safety depending on its type. For example, many Jeep Wranglers utilize jk light mounts to enhance road lighting, especially on off-road trips. Sway bars are another crucial add-on that AM Off-road offers so Jeep users can manage the likelihood of their vehicle rolling over. They are considered a necessity for Jeep Wrangler owners for a multitude of reasons. Find out what sway bars do for your Jeep to understand why they make a valuable addition to your vehicle.

What Is a Sway Bar?

A sway bar gets attached from one wheel to another in the front and rear of the vehicle. It is a torsion metal spring that resists excessive bending, preventing wheels from lifting off the road when a vehicle makes a turn. This is especially useful on larger vehicles like the Jeep Wrangler because their center of gravity is higher, increasing the likelihood of their wheels lifting from the ground.

Utilizing a sway bar to keep a vehicle’s wheels level is extremely important. When cornering, uneven wheels can cause unequal weight distribution. A moderate amount of unevenness is okay, but too much body roll can lead to serious accidents. Sway bars keep your vehicle balanced and reduce the chances of a roll-over, keeping you and your passengers safe.

What Are Its Features?

Several features of a sway bar increase your vehicle’s efficiency. The most highlighted aspects of sway bars include:

  • Reduces vehicle flip-over
  • Helps in evenly distributing weight
  • Links sides of the suspension together
  • Adjustable and can be disconnected
  • Installation on front and rear of vehicle’s frame
  • Maintains vehicle’s level and direction when taking corners

Should It Ever Be Disconnected?

Disengaging a sway bar makes the suspension of the vehicle softer, relieving pressure from the wheels’ axles. When you disconnect a sway bar, the driver gains more axle control. This allows for the vehicle to ride over large obstacles and can be especially valuable when off-roading. Make sure to reconnect your sway bar before reaching high speeds and returning to gravel or icy roads.

If learning what sway bars do for your Jeep made you want to invest in some new stabilizers, you can find them amongst AM Off-road’s high-value Jeep Wrangler parts and accessories.

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