Ways To Protect Your Jeep Wrangler From Theft

Ways To Protect Your Jeep Wrangler From Theft

A major advantage of owning a Jeep Wrangler is the ability to remove both the top and the doors. You might have imagined yourself enjoying an open-air drive off-road but failed to think about someone stealing the laptop you left in the backseat. Therefore, every Jeep Wrangler should be aware of the different modifications you can make to keep those pesky thieves away. Learn more about the different ways to protect your Jeep Wrangler from theft below.

Hood Latch Locks

Often, when we think about protecting our Jeep Wrangler, our mind goes to the different materials we have in it. However, we can easily forget what the most important parts of any vehicle might be due to what lies underneath the hood. It can be easy for anyone to steal the makeup of your vehicle, but it is nothing Jeep Wrangler hood latch locks can’t prevent.

Gas Cap

The next way to protect your Jeep Wrangler from theft is to get a gas cap. Not only does a new gas cap add to the exterior look of your Wrangler, but it also keeps people from putting anything they want down the fuel door.

Center Consoles

Whenever we store stuff in your vehicle, the center console usually comes in clutch. When your Jeep Wrangler doors are off and the top is down, whatever you stored in the center console is vulnerable –but it doesn’t have to be. This is where investing in a steel center console equipped with locks comes in handy.

Security Lock Boxes

If you have miscellaneous items that won’t quite fit in your center console, you can also get a security lock box. This can be the perfect place where you can store items such as a laptop. Plus, you can install security lock boxes in a place where they can be obscured underneath a seat.

Security Deck Enclosure

Getting a security deck enclosure is the final option you have available to improve the security of your precious Jeep Wrangler and the items stored inside. By making this addition, you gain an enclosed trunk where you can keep items safe and still have an open Wrangler.

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