Types of Differentials Available for Your Wrangler

Types of Differentials Available for Your Wrangler

To best improve your Wrangler’s performance, you must have a strong knowledge of how your vehicle’s axles function. The way your car’s axles operate and perform relies on the type of differential the vehicle is equipped with. This is because differentials transmit power from driveshaft to wheels, allowing them to round corners more effectively. Learn about the four types of differentials available for your Wrangler to help decipher which one makes the right addition to your vehicle. AM Off-road goes into detail of each differential type below, so you can maximize your off-roading experience.

Locking Differential

Opposing wheels of the engine torque spin at equal speeds with a locking differential. This ensures greater torque flow to the wheel experiencing higher traction. It is qualified to enable wheels to run effectively through different terrains when locked, popular in cars like the Jeep Wrangler. When this differential is not locked, it acts similarly to an open differential.

Open Differential

This type of differential allows your wheels to rotate at varying speeds by splitting the engine torque into two outputs. They are common in unassuming vehicles, such as minivans and sedans. One downside to this differential is that when one tire loses traction, the opposing tire is affected, too. Both tires lose power as a result. This is one of the reasons why this type of differential is not used in complex performance vehicles.

Limited-Slip Differential

This differential is a fusion of the lock and open types of differentials available for your Wrangler. It mostly acts as an open differential, shifting to lock when wheel slip happens. The reaction time for limited-slip differentials varies, with mechanical diffs locking after slip has occurred. Lock is achieved by either viscous fluid, complex gear train, or clutch park.

Torque-Vectoring Differential

Torque-vectoring differentials cater to your Wrangler’s wheels individually by using extra gear trains. This differential is keen on providing your car with the desired rotation speed around a corner. The complexity of the torque-vectoring diff makes them more expensive than other types. They are low-performing for fuel economy and are often very heavy.

Get more out of your off-roading journeys by arming your Wrangler with the right differential. AM Off-road offers a wide variety of Wrangler accessories to boost your vehicle’s performance. From Jeep Wrangler grab handles to grille inserts, we have everything you need to enhance your Wrangler.

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