Tools You Should Keep in Your Jeep at All Times

Tools You Should Keep in Your Jeep at All Times

Every Jeep owner should have an emergency kit for their vehicle. This kit includes the tools you will need to fix issues that may arise on the road. Whether you travel on or off the road, here are some of the tools you should keep in your Jeep at all times.

Wrenches and Screwdrivers

Every tool bag should have a wide array of screwdrivers and wrenches. You can include flat and Phillips-head screwdrivers with nonslip rubber grips. Additionally, you can use wrench and ratchet combination tools—remember to pack many different sizes. With wrench and ratchet combination tools, you can save space in your tool bag for other necessary equipment.

Vehicle Fluids

Sometimes, rough trails and roads can damage your vehicle and cause its fluids to leak. This is why it is vital to have extra fluids in your tool bag. These fluids include coolant, power steering fluid, windshield wiper fluid, and more.

Air Compressor

If the air in your tires is low, you can make a quick stop and fill them up with an air compressor. There are plenty of small, easy-to-use compressors that make filling up your tires a fast and easy process. Driving with a low amount of air in your tires can be dangerous, which is why you always need an air compressor in your vehicle.

Battery Jumper

When your vehicle’s battery goes out, you don’t want to wait for someone to come and restart your car, especially if you are off-roading. Before you go on the road, you will need to pack a jump starter in your vehicle. These jump starters vary greatly in price, so there are plenty of choices for every budget.

These are some of the tools you should keep in your Jeep at all times. Before you take your Jeep on or off the road, be sure to inspect the exterior of the vehicle, such as the JK tail lights and headlights. For Jeep parts and taillights, check out our diverse inventory at AM Off-Road. With these tools in your vehicle and regular inspections, you can drive your Jeep safely both on and off the road for plenty of fun adventures.

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