Tips for Getting Your Jeep Out of Mud

Tips for Getting Your Jeep Out of Mud

There are many obstacles that you can come across during an off-roading trail, and one of the most common obstacles that will trip you up mud. Part of off-roading is being prepared for these situations and knowing how to get out of them. Here are some tips for getting your Jeep out of mud to help.

Method #1: Dig and Use A Traction Mat

A common reason why a Jeep Wrangler will get stuck in the mud in the first place is that it's lost traction, which is why you should first try a traction mat and a shovel to get out. Stick a traction mat underneath your wheels to give them extra grip. Make room for the traction mat by digging around the tire first. Keep traction mats and a shovel handy in your Jeep Wrangler to get out of a muddy situation.

Method #2: Get Pulled Out

Another way to get your Jeep out of the mud is by getting it pulled out. There are two methods you can try. Jeep Wranglers are known for pulling a large amount of weight and, with a tow strap and some help from another vehicle, it’s possible to successfully tow your Jeep out of the mud. Another option is to use a winch and attach it to a tree. The ability to pull your car out of the mud is one of the reasons why it’s a good idea to go off-roading with a group of people.

Method #3: Slowly Accelerate

If you don’t have a traction mat, shovel, or a way to pull your Jeep out of the mud, you can try slowly accelerating until you get some traction. To try this, first, use your steering wheel to move your tires wide side to side to create more room. Then, lightly press down on the accelerator so your vehicle can get a better grip on the mud. If your Jeep is automatic, shift into the lowest gear. If it’s a stick shift, accelerate in the highest gear instead.

Method #4: Deflate Your Tires

When you go off-roading, it’s common practice to use tires that are slightly deflated. This doesn’t just help avoid a flat tire by absorbing different terrains; it can also get your car out of the mud. That’s why our final tip for getting your Jeep out of mud is to let out some more air from your tires, as it gives you more traction and more room. Once you are out of the mud, make sure to add air back into your tires and drive slowly to remove any lingering mud.

Outfit Your Jeep Wrangler with AM Off-Road

In addition to traction mats and shovels, there are some other modifications, such as Jeep JK mud guards and flaps, that can help your vehicle tackle the mud before and after your next adventure. AM Off-Road has all these items and more. Browse our catalogue of Jeep Wrangler accessories to make sure yours is off-road ready!

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