The Main Differences Between City and Country Driving

The Main Differences Between City and Country Driving

For many, cars are the most common form of transportation. Cars Guide predicts that you can “expect to see some 2.8 billion vehicles on the planet in 2036.” Whether you live in the city or country, we rely on our cars to get us to our destination safely. But what happens when you’re forced to drive outside of your comfort zone? Learn about the major differences between city and country driving so you can adjust accordingly and remain safe.

City Driving

City driving is a different beast compared to country driving. When traveling through, many drivers have to adjust navigating through tight spaces. There are also lots of one-way roads that you must pay attention to. A bustling city will also have lots of pedestrians and bikers around, so make sure you are paying attention and using your mirrors, so you don’t cause an accident.

We recommend filling up on gas before driving into any major city. In metropolitan areas, gas not only costs more, but there are also fewer gas stations around. Additionally, cities are a lot more congested, so you’re likely to run into traffic. Expect that it will take you longer to get to a destination. As far as roads are concerned, you should also prepare for potholes and closed off roads due to construction.

Country Driving

The country isn’t as busy as the city. In fact, you will find much more room to drive around and faster speed limits. As such, accidents in the country can be deadlier because of this. One major thing you have to keep a lookout for when you’re on country roads is wildlife. You may come across animals such as deer when surrounded by forest or horses if you drive past farmland.

Furthermore, you can expect rural roads to be hilly. If you don’t already own a heavy-duty vehicle such as a truck or Jeep, you may want to consider renting one if you know you’ll be driving through the countryside. While driving on backroads, you’re also more likely to run into cops. Police officers in these areas are always on the lookout for individuals who are speeding, expired registration stickers, and missing tail lights. So make sure you double-check your taillights and ensure you have updated registration for the year.

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