The Coolest Easter Eggs Hidden in A Jeep

The Coolest Easter Eggs Hidden in A Jeep

When we tend to think of easter eggs, the first thing that comes to mind is all the little references packed into a movie, television show, or video game. However, that isn’t the only place you can find easter eggs. In fact, you may be able to find quite a few if you are a Jeep owner. Many Jeep vehicles feature a ton of references to their past, iconic elements, and even some more obscure references that you might have been wondering about yourself if you ever came across them. Continue reading to discover some of the coolest easter eggs hidden in a Jeep.

Front Interior

The first Jeep easter egg in a Wrangler is actually staring you straight in the face as you drive. In the front interior of newer Jeep Wranglers, you will notice that it features quite the resemblance to the iconic look at the front. To notice this easter egg, take a look at your air conditioner vents at the center and you will realize that they look similar to a Wrangler’s rounded lights while the digital display acts as the grille. This is just one of the many easter eggs that reference the Jeep’s iconic front-faced look on the outside.

Hidden Map of MOAB

Jeep vehicles are also well known for their off-roading capabilities. As it turns out, some Jeep Renegades feature a nod to one of the most famous off-roading trails in the country with the MOAB in Utah. If your Jeep Renegade is stick shift, then you may notice a map of the MOAB right above it towards the aux cord.

Paint Splatter

If you own a Jeep Renegade, you might also be wondering why there’s paint splatter located on the tachometer. Don’t think for a second that the orange paint splatter is some kind of mistake because it is very much intentional. The paint splatter is a reference to the team that designed the Jeep Renegade, who went paintballing regularly as a weekend activity.

Rear Window

Many Jeep vehicles also have a few different easter eggs in the rear window that you should be on the lookout for. For instance, you might see a Lochness monster on a Jeep Compass crawling from the sea, or a little Sasquatch on a Jeep Renegade. You may also notice a T-Rex chasing an old-school Jeep on your rear window too, which might be a reference to Jurassic Park, which notably featured a customized Jeep Wrangler built for the film.


A Jeep taillight is also a place where a hidden easter egg is located that you might’ve missed. In the taillight, you can find the iconic grille, which is often hidden in the center. If you are interested in updating your taillights, AM Off-Road might have what you are looking for, with various styles of Jeep Wrangler JK taillights available online.

Morse Code

When it comes to Jeep Wrangler JL models, there’s something unique about its logo. A neat part of the JL logo is that it features Morse code at the bottom of it, which translates to “JL.” This could very well be another reference to the Jeep’s cherished military past.

US Flag

A Jeep is about as American as it gets when it comes to vehicles, given their World War II participation. A part of a Jeep might also pay homage to its native country as well. In some Jeep vehicles, the C-pillar vent of a Jeep bears a striking resemblance to a US flag.

Willys Silhouette

Many Jeep vehicles also respect Jeep’s past with several silhouettes of the original model known as the Willys. You can find a small silhouette of the Willys on the gear knob, hub caps, windshield, speakers, and inside the roof latch.

Windshield Wipers

A Jeep’s windshield wipers are another area where several easter eggs exist. In the Jeep Compass, you may be able to spot the lizard that lies underneath the wipes. Also, the Gladiator features flipflops, which is a nod to automotive journalist Rick Péwé, who was known for wearing them while he went off-roading.

“Ciao Baby”

In addition to lizards, the Jeep Renegade also has a little spider on the corner of the fueling door with “CIAO BABY” in a text bubble. This easter egg is in reference to the recent merger with Chrysler and the Italian manufacturer Fiat and their native language.

Renegade Cup Holders

Many Jeep taillights are boxy with an “X” shape to them. In Jeep Renegades, you can also find this design feature in the vehicle’s cup holders. This is a cool callback that can be easy to miss, but which once again shows the commitment to design Jeep provides with its vehicles.


Another part of the Jeep Renegade where you can find the signature “X” from the original gas cans attached to the Jeep vehicles is the roof. The “X” takes over the entire roof of a Renegade, but it’s nothing more than a neat easter egg that you might not have ever realized.

419 Area Code

In a Jeep Gladiator, you can find the digits 419 with a heart next to it at the rear of the vehicle. This is another one of the coolest easter eggs hidden in a Jeep because it’s in reference to the zip code of Toledo, Ohio, which is where the vehicle is manufactured.

“To New Adventures”

Underneath the ignition button of a Jeep Renegade, there is text at the bottom that reads “TO NEW ADVENTURES.” This is a subtle way of reminding Jeep owners what their vehicle is all about and how much fun they can have with it by going off-roading and going on adventures.

It’s incredible how much craftsmanship goes into Jeep vehicles, and seeing designers have fun with all the history by planting these easter eggs in different Jeep models is just another reason why Jeep vehicles are the best. The fun doesn’t just stop with all the easter eggs scattered across your Jeep either, because you can make your vehicle even cooler with all the different possible customized additions at AM Off-Road.

The Coolest Easter Eggs Hidden in A Jeep

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