How To Stop Your Jeep Wrangler’s Roof From Leaking

How To Stop Your Jeep Wrangler’s Roof From Leaking

Leaking is a common Jeep Wrangler flaw that owners are likely to experience after it rains. Not only is leaking an inconvenience to you and your passengers, but it can also damage your Jeep’s interior that you work so hard to upkeep. Fortunately, AM Off-Road offers Jeep JK interior trim to protect your vehicle’s interior and explores how to stop your Jeep Wrangler’s roof from leaking for hardtop owners in this article.

Wipe Down All of Your Jeep’s Rubber Seals

Whenever you drive with your vehicle’s top off, its rubber seals accumulate dirt and debris. This is especially true for off-roading Wranglers, as they’ll encounter more dust and dirt on tricky terrains. Grimy rubber will promote an inadequate seal—a common cause of leaking.

Using a wet rag, wipe down all the seals. Then, use Q-tips to get into the nitty-gritty spots and creases compromised with dirt.

Assess the Hardtop Bolts

The two bolts that hold your Wrangler’s hardtop down in the front may be what’s causing water leaks. You’ll find these on each side of your Jeep near the door. Take a hex wrench to ensure the bolts are nice and tight, reducing any space for moisture to seep down into your interior.

Readjust the Top and Tighten

If leaking is persistent, it’s possible that to stop your Jeep Wrangler roof from leaking, you’ll have to check how your hardtop is laying on the vehicle’s seals. Adjusting the hardtop is often a huge relief for water troubles.

Seals should never be folded or push out the seams of the top. Place your hardtop down, starting with the passenger side panel. Placing the passenger side first ensures your top seals correctly.

Once you’ve assured your top is in the correct position, tighten each latch in a crisscross pattern. Fold down the two front metal latches and finish securing the top by re-screwing in the bolts.

Examine and Clean Door Seals

Door seals should be just as clean as the rest of your vehicle’s rubber seals. While Jeep Wrangler doors are designed to keep water out, they can falter when dirty. Debris obstructs water flow and guides it into your car’s interior.

Check for any cracks in the door seal rubber and confirm it’s not peeling away from your Jeep. You should especially do routine door seal inspections if you ever drive with the doors off.

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