How To Prepare Your Jeep for the Spring Season

How To Prepare Your Jeep for the Spring Season

As spring approaches, you will likely begin thinking about all the activities you will enjoy in your Jeep in the coming months. You should not only start planning what you want to do, but also get your Jeep in good shape so that it provides you with reliable performance on your adventures. Here are some tips on how to prepare your Jeep for the spring season.

Remove Your Doors

One thing you might consider doing to your Jeep is removing your doors for the spring. Not only is it easy for you to take them off, but removing them also gives you an entirely new off-roading experience.

You will be able to feel the rush of the spring air and lower the weight of your vehicle. This will give you better fuel efficiency and the option to add more weight.

Give Your Jeep a Bath

Another way you can prepare your Jeep for the spring season is by washing it. The winter season has likely left marks on your Jeep’s exterior with cold temperatures and salt. If you give it a nice thorough wash, you should be able to restore it to its pre-winter glory.

However, don’t stop washing after you clean your vehicle’s exterior; instead, clean your undercarriage with a pressure washer to make sure you remove any remaining salt or other dirt. This cleaning will help you prevent your Jeep from developing future corrosion.

Clean Up the Inside

Now that you have finished cleaning the outside of your Jeep, it’s also time to neaten up the inside. Throughout the winter, you probably tracked salt and snow into your Jeep on your shoes. 

Your vehicle may even have dust and mud that can permanently hurt your interior carpet. After you clean those areas up, purchase some floor mats at a Jeep off-road store. These products will help prevent your Jeep from being so dirty in the future.

Diagnose Your Battery

During the winter, your Jeep probably worked harder than normal, which can impact the battery. It is a good time to visit a local auto shop and have it perform a battery diagnosis.

The last thing you want is for your battery to die on you while you are off-roading and leave you stranded. So, make sure that a professional at the shop determines how much power it has left.

Check Your Fluids

It is also a good time to check your vehicle’s fluids. For example, fill up your Jeep with windshield wiper fluid so you can clean off any dirt or mud that hits your windshield. You likely used much of your fluid during the winter, and it is time for a refill.

Don’t forget to replace your oil filter and change your oil. Your Jeep will need this so that its engine continues to run correctly and without any issues, which is just how you want it.

Look at Your Tires and Alignment

Two other critical areas you should look at as you prepare your Jeep for the spring are the tires and alignment. Over the course of the winter, you may have encountered potholes or other road conditions that impacted your Jeep’s suspension.

Check the air pressure and current condition of your tires, along with your spare, so you can prepare your vehicle if it ever suffers a flat. Checking the alignment will also be beneficial since you will ensure that your tires wear less and that your Jeep provides you with better performance.

Ensure Your Brakes Will Work

Whether off-roading through rough terrain or taking a leisurely drive through your neighborhood, you need to be able to rely on your brakes. If you drive a Jeep that has brakes that you can’t count on, you will be putting yourself and others in danger.

Check your brakes for wear so that you prevent a future accident. In addition, have a mechanic check your brake fluid, so your Jeep stops faster when your foot hits the pedal.

Change Your Windshield Wiper Blades

Although you added new windshield wiper fluid to your Jeep earlier, you have not finished with the Jeep’s wipers. Throughout the winter, mother nature may have taken a toll on your wipers with ice, so it is a good time for you to see if you need to add new ones.

If you do, you will need to determine the right model of wipers you need. After you purchase them at a store, you should be able to easily replace them. In the end, you will be glad you have wipers you can depend on. Those will help as you drive through muddy areas that can send dirt flying on your windshield.

Check Your Lights

When you are traveling in your Jeep at night, you want to ensure that others can see you coming on the road. So, check your headlights and make sure they work correctly after the punishments of winter. 

You will make sure that others will see you coming, and that you can see clearly as you drive through the rough territory. If they do not, you should invest in replacements. These will help keep yourself, your passengers, and other motorists safe on the road.

Look Under the Hood

You also should take the time to look under your Jeep’s hood and check your belt and hoses. Make certain they look ready to keep your engine running as you travel on your off-road adventures. If your belts have developed cracks or your hoses look damaged, you should have them changed immediately.

Otherwise, you may risk the chance of your Jeep overheating, your engine failing, or experiencing serious damage. By checking ahead of time, you can prevent yourself from having a major catastrophe on the road.

When you need to make changes to your Jeep for the spring or have an interest in customizing your rig, contact us at AM Off-Road. We offer a wide selection of products that we can help you with, ranging from floor mats to headlights that can add more of your personality to your vehicle. Shop with us today to make your Jeep ready for the road.

How To Prepare Your Jeep for the Spring Season

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