How to Maintain Your Car's Exterior Properly

How to Maintain Your Car's Exterior Properly

Fox News reports that “a study of 2,000 American car owners found [that] as many as a quarter feels they take a risk each time they hit the road as their vehicle is currently in need of repair or no longer runs well.” However, properly maintaining your Jeep Wrangler is important for extending its lifespan. One easy way to ensure that your Jeep is healthy is simply to keep up its exterior appearance. Learn how to maintain your car’s exterior with these helpful tips.

Wash It

The first step in maintaining any car’s exterior is to regularly wash it. You’ll want to wash your Jeep at least once a month to keep it looking fresh. To do this, you have two options: you can either go to a local car wash or wash your car at home. If you choose to complete the task at home, you will need the following:

  • A sponge
  • Buckets of water
  • A microfiber towel
  • Car soap
  • Paper towels

Don’t forget to clean your tires. Make sure they’re nice and shiny by wiping down the rims with a paper towel to wipe away all the brake dust. To make your rims shinier, you can polish and wax them as well. Also make sure you dry your Jeep completely with a squeegee and then with a towel. If you don’t dry your vehicle, water spots can appear and potentially damage your car.

Wax It

Another way to maintain your Jeep’s exterior is to wax it. This will protect your car’s paint and help prevent oxidation. Waxing should only be done when your car is completely dry, and recommends you do it every three to four months.

Find Coverage

Finding adequate shelter is also key to keeping your car’s appearance looking sharp—the weather can cause serious cosmetic damage. If you have a garage, clear out some space so that you can fit your car in it. If not, invest in a car cover. Also consider covering individual parts of your vehicle, was well—you can find Jeep Wrangler light covers, fender flares, body armor, mud flaps, and more to protect your vehicle from the elements.

When you know how to maintain your Jeep’s exterior properly, it will not only look great, but also it hold its value and keep running on and off the road.

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