How To Identify Wrangler Axles

How To Identify Wrangler Axles

Axles are an essential gadget to Jeep Wranglers. The type of axle installed in Wranglers is part of what supplies these vehicles with their rugged drivetrain. Throughout the Wrangler’s evolution, different axles have been used to elevate each new Jeep model. AM Off-Road looks at different axle types and how to identify Wrangler axles.

The Three Wrangler Dana Axles

Dana Inc. manufactures Jeep axles; hence, the axle names. While Dana 44 has been the most popular axle over time, there are other versions that have been critical to various Jeep models, such as the Dana 30 and Dana 35.

The Dana 35 axle is not recommended for off-roading Wranglers but has served well for stock Jeeps. This type of axle will only be found as a rear axle when it comes to Wranglers, while the 30 will only be found as a front axle.

Identifying Different Axles

Axles are fairly easy to distinguish because of their various shapes. Read on to learn how to identify Wrangler axles and their specifications.

Dana 30

This axle takes the shape of a rounded square. It will have ten bolt holes and be roughly 9 inches wide. Again, this is an axle that will only be found on the front of a Wrangler.

Dana 35

Used for most Jeep rear axles, the Dana 35 is ovular with ten bolt holes as well. A bit wider than the Dana 30, the 35 holds a 10 and 5/8 inches width.

Dana 44

The Dana 44 holds a unique shape, almost like an uneven hexagon. There are ten bolt holes dispersed along its edges, just like the Dana 30 and 35, but its width measures 10 and 3/8 inches.

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