How To Give Your Jeep Wrangler a Smoother Ride

How To Give Your Jeep Wrangler a Smoother Ride

Jeep Wranglers were built to conquer adverse terrain. For off-road enthusiasts, the Wrangler’s features are ideal. However, some drivers struggle to get a smooth ride out of their Jeep because of its structure. If you have found yourself driving more highway than backwoods with your Jeep, you have probably wondered how to give your Jeep Wrangler a smoother ride. AM Off-road has tips to smoothen the ride so you can get the vehicle performance you desire.

Swap the Springs

Springs are responsible for absorbing impact. Newer Wrangler models utilize coil springs, which are far more capable of regulating shock than leaf springs in older models.

A spring switch is an easy fix to promote smoother rides in your Jeep. New springs offer varietal firmness levels that you can adjust based on your desired vehicle performance.

Replace Shock Dampeners

Shocks work cohesively with springs to regulate impact on your vehicle. Worn shock dampeners will manage force less effectively over every bump, causing a rocky ride. Update your shock dampeners to boost your car’s energy absorption.

Trade Your Tires

Off-road tires are made for high traction. On flat pavement, however, this high-quality traction overcompensates and can make your ride feel bumpy.

You can swap your high-functioning tires for a lower tread. A lower tread will cause less friction between your vehicle and the road, making your ride effortless.

Adjust the Wheels

Wheels play a huge role in how smooth your vehicle rides. Two things to note when your ride is rougher than you would like are proper alignment and additional devices, such as the camber kit.

  • Make sure the wheels are aligned: It is common for rough riding to be a result of misaligned wheels. Check with an automotive professional to verify your wheels are at the right angle.
  • Try a camber kit: When researching how to give your Jeep Wrangler a smoother ride, you’ll likely come across camber kits. These kits reduce impact by straightening tire tracks. Camber kits are a great addition to the wheels that help smoothen the drive.

For all things Jeep Wrangler, turn to AM Off-road. We offer Jeep Wrangler foot pegs, body armor, light guards, and anything else you could need to boost your vehicle’s appearance and performance.

We categorize our high-quality accessories by model to make it convenient for drivers to find the best parts for their ride. Get in touch with a representative today to find out how AM Off-road can enhance your driving experience.

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