Grille Designs Every Jeep Owner Should Have

Grille Designs Every Jeep Owner Should Have

Grilles are a distinctive stylistic element on any Jeep, helping your vehicle make an excellent first impression. Get inspired to change the look of your rig with this list of grille designs every Jeep owner should have.

Goliath Grille

The angles in the Goliath grille give this design a sharp look. The bars over the lattice screen come out at an angle, adding dimension to the front end of your Jeep and creating a daring look.

Amber LED daytime running lights above the grille screen and between the headlights increase the visibility of your rig to other drivers. The lights also accentuate the grille’s heavy brow design.

Shark Grille

If you want to give your Jeep a mean look, this is a grille you should have. Get a glossy finish for extra shine, or select a grille with a matte finish for a more subtle, stealthy look.

On the shark grille, the spaces between parallel vertical bars feature bars angled like arrows toward the center. The design looks like a shark showing its teeth, ready to take a bite of the trail.

Demon Grille

The demon grille features an eagle eye design and tapered vertical bars over a lattice mesh. Compared to other grille designs, this stylized look has cleaner and simpler lines. It’s perfect if you want an upgraded and fuss-free look.

Mount the demon grille in about 15 minutes. Thanks to durable and corrosion-resistant ABS plastic, the grille will look great driving through dirt and mud while protecting your radiator for years.

Hawke Grille

Another predator-inspired grille design on our list, the hawke grille, looks like an angry bird of prey. The top and bottom portions of the grille angle toward each other, creating two triangular sections that look like a furrowed brow and raised beak.

Consider adding halo lights to further mimic the face of a hawk. Color-changing RGB headlights and smoked turn lights are other options for dramatic lighting.

Gladiator Vader Grille

The Gladiator Vader grille features a heavy brow, eagle eyes, and thick vertical bars over a diamond lattice. Consider bundling the grille with other accessories, such as street-legal smoked turn lights.

You can install this bold grille using only basic hand tools. Since there’s no need to cut or modify components, this is one of the best DIY changes you can make to your Jeep.

Find all these designs and more in AM Off-Road’s selection of Jeep Gladiator front grilles. Our grilles stand out from other styles and hold up to rough environments. Shop with us today.

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