Effective Ways to Keep Your Jeep’s Interior Clean

Effective Ways to Keep Your Jeep’s Interior Clean

While many people pay attention to how their vehicle may look on the outside, the interior is just as important. This is especially true if you go on frequent off-roading adventures with a Jeep. Here are some effective ways to keep your Jeep’s interior clean.

Use Air Fresheners

The best way to keep your Jeep smelling fresh is to invest in air fresheners. There are various types of air fresheners you can use, and where you place them can vary. You can either clip an air freshener in your Jeep’s AC fans or hang it up under your rearview mirror.

Don’t Eat in Your Car

While there are times when you need to eat on the go, don’t eat in your Jeep regularly. Eating in your Jeep obviously causes a lot of crumbs and potential stains. Eating elsewhere easily eliminates the issue.

Use a Vacuum

Even though you might not eat in your Jeep, you should still vacuum at least once a month. Vacuum the seats, the floors underneath your mats, and the trunk. The easiest way to vacuum your Jeep is to use a handheld vacuum. You can also use one at a local car wash, but it might not work as effectively.

Wipe Down Everything

Wiping everything down is another aspect of cleaning your Jeep’s interior. Use an automotive cleaner and a microfiber cloth to clean everything from your Jeep Wrangler grab handle to your steering wheel. Also, wipe the inside of your windshield with some Windex and a paper towel. It doesn’t hurt to use a disinfecting wipe, either. These methods will not only make your Jeep look shiny on the inside, but it will also prevent the spread of germs.

Clean Floor Mats

Your floor mats might be the dirtiest part of your vehicle’s interior. This is why you should also clean the individual floor mats in your Jeep. The best method is to take them out and shake them. Then, you should use a hose and a sponge to wipe them down. After that, let them dry for a bit, then place the mats back on the Jeep’s floor.

Get a Detail Done

An effective way to keep your Jeep’s interior clean is to get a detail done by someone at least twice a year. Getting a detail from a professional will clean all the areas in your Jeep that are often difficult to get yourself. While they might be expensive, it’s a great way to keep your Jeep clean—especially after an off-roading trip.

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