Different Types of Car Lights and Their Purpose on the Road

Different Types of Car Lights and Their Purpose on the Road

There are many functions of your car that you should know about for your safety. One of those is the many lights in and out of your car. Here’s a guide to all the different types of car lights and their purpose.



This the most commonly known light on a car. These are typically turned on at night, or when the weather is bad, to help guide you on the road, and they can last from 500 to 1,000 hours. There are also full-beam headlights, also known as your brights. These help you when you’re on a dark road with no street lights, and you can use them to communicate with other drivers on the road. Some cars today turn them on automatically, while older ones require you to turn them on manually.


Fog lights

This next set of lights are located under your car’s headlights. Not every car has them, but they make for a cool and purposeful addition. The real purpose behind fog lights is to allow drivers to see through bad weather conditions so they can see road markings and edges.


Tail lights

Tail lights are at the back of the car and serve an important purpose on the road. These lights are red and are another way to communicate with other drivers on the road. These signal when you brake and are preparing to come to a stop. It can be a safety hazard, and a ticket, if you have one of them out.


Signal lights

Signal lights alert other drivers on the road when you plan to turn. To turn them on, it requires manual use with a lever typically located on the left side near the wheel. It’s important to turn them on to ensure those behind you know where you will go.


Hazard lights

If you suffer an accident on the road, or need to wait somewhere where there is traffic, it’s best to turn on your hazard lights. The lights flicker on and off in both the front and back of your car. To turn your hazards on, find a red triangle button in your car. In older cars, you may have to turn the hazard lights on by pulling a lever where your turn signal is.


Running lights

When you start your car, have you ever noticed there are lights that turn on automatically? Well, these are called running lights, and they’re meant to increase the prominence of your car. These can be found in your headlights.


Interior lights

The final type of car light is the interior light. A car typically has at least one light on the roof that provides you with the ability to see inside your vehicle when it’s dark out. The light will also turn on when you open the doors to your car.

It’s important to know about your car lights and where to locate them for your safety. If certain ones don’t work, it could result in a ticket or an accident. For better protection, invest in Jeep Wrangler light guards to prevent damage to your lights from off-roading.

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