Best Trails to Drive on in the U.S.

Best Trails to Drive on in the U.S.

Off-roading enthusiasts are always looking for ways to test their Jeep Wrangler by finding the most unique trails. There are incredible and challenging obstacles that will excite frequent off-roaders all throughout America. Find out the best trails to drive on in the U.S. ahead.

Mojave Road

Spanning from the Colorado River to Wilmington California, Mojave Road is a dirt road that has become legendary for four-wheel travel. Mojave Road is 140-miles long and is surrounded by incredible scenery, highlighted by mountains and landmarks. The trail was originally created by Native Americans and has now become a staple in the southwest for off-roading.

Rubicon Trail

The name of another famous Jeep vehicle hails from this famous trail that takes riders through the Sierra Nevada. The Rubicon trail is a short 22-miles long, but it’s an incredible off-roading adventure over unique rock formations that will challenge your Jeep Wrangler.

Alpine Loop

Another scenic drive you need to take your Jeep Wrangler on is the Alpine Loop in Utah. The Alpine Loop trail features stunning imagery of Mount Timpanogos and ghost towns along the way. At 20-miles long, Utah’s Alpine Loop is open from May to October, with snow closing the road down during the wintertime.

Sand Flats Recreation Area

An alternative trail that is great for off-roading in Utah is the Sand Flats Recreation Area. Experience a different side of Utah with the incredible landscapes that are tailored for adventure and speckled with many obstacles.

Hollister Hills

Back in California, there is another great area that is perfect for four-wheeling. Hollister Hills will open you up to the Golden State’s beauty with its dirt-covered trails and lush forest preserve. There is plenty of land to explore, with 4,000 miles of recreation area.

If you plan on off-roading soon, equip your Jeep Wrangler with the proper features, so you can keep your vehicle and yourself safe. This includes having Jeep JK mud guards, body armor, and more.

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