5 Tips for Negotiating with a Car Dealer for Your Dream Jeep

5 Tips for Negotiating with a Car Dealer for Your Dream Jeep

Negotiation—the most important part of the car-buying process—will ultimately determine how much you’ll pay for a new car. Jeeps have become one of the most beloved cars on the market, and they can be expensive. To help you get the right price, here are some tips for negotiating with a car dealer.                            

Know the Car’s Worth

Before you bargain, you want to research how much the car is truly worth. You can look at the average cost of the vehicle at different dealerships, as well as online, to find the best price for the kind of Jeep you want. Let’s say, for example, you find a Jeep Wrangler you want, but it’s used and requires some added work. You can ask for a lower price or have them include jeep wrangler exterior accessories as a way to offset after-purchase costs. You should also ask about different pricing options like financing, off the lot, or out the door to see if they offer them.

Start Low

When you negotiate a deal, it’s common to bend a little. To get a price you like, start out with a low-ball offer and work up from there. This will bring the car dealer down a little bit from his original offer, and you’ll have some room to work up to a price you’re willing to pay.

Offer Cash

Another tip for negotiating with a car dealer we recommend is to bring cash with you, if it’s an option. Sometimes, if you mention that you’re willing to offer cash the day of to buy the car, that can bring the price of the vehicle down substantially.

Don’t Show Emotion

Bring your poker face to the dealership—you’re going to need it. It’s important to not show any emotion when trying to get the best deal for yourself. When you’re going back and forth on prices, keep a calm, collected demeanor, and act like you’re ready to walk out at any moment.

Don’t Be Afraid to Walk Away

Be willing to walk away from a negotiation, even if you’re happy with where it’s going. Make it clear to the dealer early in the process that you can take your business elsewhere, which usually convinces them to keep bargaining with you. According to Autotrader, “38% of car buyers only visit one dealership, and 52% only test drive one vehicle,” so remember there are other dealerships out there with cars to test. You’re more likely to find the best deal the more places you visit.

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