5 Signs Your Vehicle Needs a Checkup

5 Signs Your Vehicle Needs a Checkup

There are bound to be problems with your Jeep Wrangler, and the last thing you want to do is ignore the signs. There are a few indicators that you can pay attention to that can end up saving you lots of money if you act fast. Heed these signs that your vehicle needs a checkup from a trusted mechanic.

Warning Lights

The easiest way to tell if you need to take your Jeep into the shop is if one of the warning lights turns on. While some warning lights might be turned on due to a fuse issue, if the light is red, this is an issue worth taking seriously.

Difficulty Starting

In the winter, there are times when your vehicle might have issues starting up, especially in the morning. This is usually due to cold temperatures. However, if you live in a warmer climate or it’s the summer and this is happening, there’s probably an issue with your Jeep.

Squeaky Breaks

Another sign your vehicle needs a checkup is if you notice that your breaks squeak when you use them. This usually means that you need new brake pads or a line. Your brakes are one of your Jeep’s most important parts. Squeaky brakes or a delayed stop is not something you should drive around with. If you have issues coming to a stop, utilize your emergency brake as you drive.

Unusual Sounds

As you drive, you might also notice some unusual sounds. Unless you’re a mechanic yourself, it can be hard to place a sound to a problem. Be sure to turn down the music or radio as you are driving to ensure that it’s coming from your Jeep, then take it to the shop so someone can find the sound’s source.


A crucial sign that it might be time for your Jeep to see a mechanic is if you notice any leakage. The best way to spot this is to inspect your driveway, garage, or parking lot. If you notice any leakage where you normally park your Jeep, it’s likely coming from you. Because a leakage can mean many things, seeing a mechanic is your best bet at solving the issue.

Besides getting your you Jeep inspected by a trusted mechanic whenever you notice signs of an issue, you should also make upgrades yourself. At AM Off-Road, there are many Jeep JK exterior accessories you can pick up on your own.

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