A Checklist of Items To Have Before You Go Off-Roading

A Checklist of Items To Have Before You Go Off-Roading

Whether you’re going mudding, rock-crawling, or heading into the woods, you need to prepare yourself and your vehicle before your next off-road adventure. Checking the condition of your rig and bringing the right equipment and supplies will keep you and your passengers safe and make your trip more enjoyable. Prepare for your journey with this checklist of items to have before you go off-roading.

Personal Safety Gear and Equipment

Ensure the safety and physical well-being of everyone on your trip by packing personal necessities. Even if you’re going on a beginner-rated trail, you should bring these items along.

  • First Aid Kit: You can buy a complete first aid kit or pack one yourself. Be sure to include bandages, gauze, sterile wipes and solutions, and tweezers.
  • Food and Water: Stay energized, nourished, and hydrated with healthy snacks, food, and water.
  • Personal Essentials: Have plenty of trash bags, toilet paper, and sunblock on hand.
  • Extra Clothes: If it’s cool or you’ll be out at night, prepare for the temperatures with layers and moisture-wicking clothes. Bring extra clothing, like socks, in case you need to change.
  • Communication Devices: Communicate with people in another vehicle or emergency services with a cell phone. GMRS radios are a great short-range communication method.
  • Flashlight: Ensure you can see more easily in the dark or in darkened conditions.

Vehicle Inspection

Before you go on your trip, inspect the following parts of your vehicle and perform maintenance if needed.

  • Check fluid levels, including engine oil, coolant, brake fluid, transmission fluid, and windshield wiper fluids. Make sure there are no leaks, ensure your vehicle has the right levels, and bring extra fluids in case.
  • Clear debris from the air filter.
  • Inspect all fan belts and hoses.
  • Check tire pressure and be prepared to air your tires up or down once on the trail.
  • Check brake pads.
  • Test headlights, taillights, and brake lights.

Vehicle Recovery Gear

Hopefully, you won’t get stuck anywhere. But if you do, it’ll be a lot easier for you to get out with vehicle recovery gear. Use this checklist to verify you have the proper vehicle recovery items packed before you go off-roading.

  • Winch: If you don’t already have a winch on your vehicle, consider installing one. The wound-up cable and motor are a powerful recovery combo.
  • Recovery Boards: Also called traction boards, wedge these under your wheels to gain traction when stuck.
  • Recovery Straps: Consider the elasticity and load rating to choose the best recovery straps for your vehicle and trip.
  • Tire Repair Kit: Adjust your pressure as needed depending on the terrain and quickly remedy flats with a tire repair kit.
  • Tool Kit: Make repairs with a basic tool kit that includes wrenches, screwdrivers, and socket sets.
  • Extra fluids: Bring brake fluid and power steering fluid in case your vehicle needs to be topped off.

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