Resell car parts with AM Offroad. In order to bring our high-performance Jeep and Tesla parts to a wider audience, AM Off-Road is always accepting qualified automotive wholesalers and drop shippers to join our reseller program. When you join AM Offroad’s team of car parts wholesalers, you reap the benefits of our extensive line of products, multiple pricing tiers, and unrivaled support services that focus on you—and your customers.

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    If you’re a dealership or Jeep part provider, you may be qualified to become a jeep part wholesale partner with AM Offroad. By partnering with us, you’ll have access to our extensive catalog of high-performance Jeep and Tesla parts at wholesale prices.


    AM Offroad also partners with e-commerce businesses with our Jeep parts drop shipping program. If you manage an e-commerce website and are looking for reliable, high-performance Jeep parts to drop-ship to your customers, we have the products you need at reduced prices.

To become a car parts wholesaler, you can directly apply the wholesale discount code in checkout page.

To apply to become a Jeep part drop shipper or wholesaler, you can begin by filling out the following form. Or directly write to

Our service team can solve all your problems, from products guide, payment, shipping to after-sales and guarantee. Customer Satisfaction is the most important at AM OFF-ROAD.