Join our reseller program at AM Off-road and become a valuedpartner in bringing high-performance Jeep and Truck parts to a broaderaudience. We warmly welcome qualified automotive wholesalers and drop shippersto join our team. As a member of the AM Off-road family, you'll enjoy access toour extensive range of products, multiple pricing tiers, and unparalleledsupport services tailored to both you and your customers. Partner with us andlet's drive success together!

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  • Welcome to the AM Off-Road Parts Wholesaler Program!

    We collaborate with e-commerce businesses, offering a seamless solution for sourcing and delivering Jeep and Truck parts directly to your customers. If you run an e-commerce website and seek dependable, high-performance Jeep parts for drop-shipping, look no further. Our program provides access to the products you require at discounted rates.

  • Introducing the AM Offroad Parts Drop Shipping Program!

    AM Offroad also partners with e-commerce businesses with our Jeep and Truck parts drop shipping program. If you manage an e-commerce website and are looking for reliable, high-performance Jeep parts to drop-ship to your customers, we have the products you need at reduced prices.

To explore opportunities as a Jeep and Truck parts drop shipper or wholesaler, please commence by completing the provided form. Alternatively, you may reach out directly to We look forward to hearing from you.

Our service team can solve all your problems, from products guide, payment, shipping to after-sales and guarantee. Customer Satisfaction is the most important at AM OFF-ROAD.