Why You Should Get Grilles With Built-In Lighting

Why You Should Get Grilles With Built-In Lighting

If you’re planning to install a replacement grille on your Jeep, don’t overlook grille options with built-in lighting. This additional feature yields a lot of benefits—find out why you should get a grille with built-in lighting.

Improve Visibility

Enhance safety for you and other road or trail users by improving your visibility. Built-in lights on your grille add supporting illumination at night and make it easier for you to navigate. Improved visibility not only lessens the probability of a collision, but it also decreases driver fatigue.

Some grille models can enhance safety in low-light conditions with daytime running lights (DRL). DRLs make it easier for drivers and pedestrians to see your vehicle in less-than-ideal conditions.

Boost Style

Another reason you should get a grille with built-in lighting is to boost your vehicle’s style. When you change the grille, you add a unique feature that most owners of the same model don’t have.

Manufacturers create many grille styles, making it fun for you to customize your rig. You should consider the placement and color of the lights on the grille and the style of the grille itself. A Gladiator grille with red star DRL headlights looks very different from a Shark grille with red-green-blue (RGB) halo headlights. Finding your favorite design is part of the fun of changing your Jeep’s grille.

Enjoy a Durable Product

Finally, when you change your vehicle’s factory grille for a well-made replacement, you’ll enjoy a durable product. With basic tools, you can install the grille in 20 minutes or less. And once it’s on, you’ll appreciate the enhanced safety and improved style for a long time.

Changing the grille is a relatively simple modification that creates a major change in the appearance of your vehicle. A well-made grille built for a vehicle with off-road capabilities will stand up to conditions on the trail and protect the front end of your rig. This modification provides excellent results that reward your time spent making the alteration, which is a must for any worthwhile change to your vehicle.

If you’re ready to install a Jeep Wrangler JK replacement grille, shop with AM Off-Road. Our selection of quality grilles comes in a variety of styles with lights in various colors and configurations on the grille. Pick your new favorite grille today.

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