What's So Special About the Jeep's Seven-Slot Grille?

What's So Special About the Jeep's Seven-Slot Grille?

One of the most recognizable features of a Jeep is the seven-slot grille at the front of the vehicle. This feature has caught Jeep fans' eyes and intrigued them with its rich history and mystery. Read below to discover what's so special about the Jeep's seven-slot grille.

The Origin of the Jeep

The birth of the Jeep begins at an important point in world history: World War II. The car companies, Willys-Overland Motors and Ford, manufactured the Willys MB and the Ford GPW Jeeps, which acted as wartime vehicles used by the United States and Allied forces.

Both companies built their vehicles with grilles that featured nine slots and curved around the headlamps. Why manufacturers chose to use nine slots is unknown. One theory is designers created the grille to act as a surface where drivers could grill hamburgers. Another is that they intended the grille to hold the Jeep's front together.

The Origin of the Seven-Slot Grille

The Jeep became available to the public after World War II ended in 1945. Jeep broke off from Ford and started producing its own vehicles. When this happened, Jeep made its vehicles with seven-slot grilles and avoided going against Ford's trademark nine-slot grille design.

The Mystery of the Seven Slots

Like the nine-slot grill, a mystery surrounds the Jeep's seven-slot grille, which makes it so special. One theory why Jeep chose seven was because it was the first vehicle on all seven continents. Another theory is that its makers chose it in relation to the Seven Wonders of the World. A third belief is that the seven slots simply looked good.

Even if that last one wasn't the actual reason, it added to the Jeep's appearance, as it remains an iconic vehicle. Its stylish yet rugged look continues to have longevity with its fans to this day.

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