What To Bring on an Off-Roading Adventure

What To Bring on an Off-Roading Adventure

Any Jeep Wrangler owner is obligated to go off-roading given all the features that are begging to be used. However, if you are new to the off-roading scene, you might not know what to expect and it can be a little scary since a lot can happen on the trails that you might not be ready for. Even Jeep Wranglers can only do so much in certain off-roading situations, and the best thing you can do is be prepared and bring the right items for your trip. Keep reading to find out what to bring on an off-roading adventure, so you can have the best experience possible.

Important Vehicle and Driver Information

The first item you will want to bring with you on your adventure is important vehicle and driver information. These items include your driver’s license, insurance card, vehicle registration, money, and a pass for off-roading if necessary. While these items might seem like a no brainer since you normally carry them with you wherever you go, it can be easy for them to get lost in the shuffle as you start to gather other important items for your off-roading excursion.


Now that you have the basics covered, we can now take a deep dive into what will make or break your off-roading trip. Whether you are going on a familiar trail or entering the unknown, you must have some form of navigation with you. Most will choose to go with a GPS, but there’s nothing stopping you from going old school with a map. In actuality, it’s better if you have both with you in the event that your GPS device doesn’t work.

Jumper Starter

Next up, a common breakdown that can happen on an off-roading trail is battery failure. Unless you want to survive out in the wild for a night, it’s best to be ready for this scenario by having a jumper starter. Usually people will bring jumper cables, but they are pretty much useless unless you have another car, but that’s not true if you have the battery. A jumper starter comes with both jumper cables and a battery, so you don’t have to rely on another vehicle in case yours doesn’t start.

Spare Tire Kit

As you make your way through a trail, various obstacles can come your way, with some that can result in another common off-road breakdown: getting a flat tire. Therefore, you need to make sure you not only have a spare tire, which usually sits in the back of your Wrangler, but that you also have a jack and a lug wrench to change your tire and get back on the trail.


You never know what other breakdowns your vehicle might experience while off-roading, which is why you should also have plenty of tools handy just in case. If you are worried about all these tools and kits taking up too much space in your Wrangler, you shouldn't be! There’s plenty of areas where you can easily keep these essential tools stored in your Wrangler, such as underneath the seats, in the trunk, and more.


Speaking of items, another one that you will want to have on you for your off-roading adventure is a flashlight. If you do need to make a repair at night, you will need to have yourself a handy flashlight so you can see. While you can use your phone, a flashlight or even a working light will make your life a lot easier.


It can be easy for your Jeep Wrangler or someone else’s vehicle to get stuck in a ditch while off-roading. The easiest way to prepare for this is to add a winch attachment to your Jeep Wrangler. A winch is an incredibly useful tool for off-roaders because it allows you to attach yourself to a nearby tree or object and get yourself out of a tricky situation with a cable.

Recovery Tracks

An off-road trail can take you across many different types of terrain, with some easier to navigate than others. Four-wheel drive shouldn’t make this too difficult for the most part, but no vehicle is invincible. If your vehicle gets stuck in mud or something else on a trail, an easy way to give yourself some grip is to place recovery tracks underneath your wheels.

First Aid Kit

It's never a bad idea to be prepared for any injuries that may come as you rare off-road either. Every vehicle should have some type of first aid kit, so injuries can be treated if something were to happen while driving or when making a repair. You can easily find a first aid kit that comes complete with everything you could need at a local store and easily store it in your vehicle for off-roading and other occasions.

Snacks and Water

Something else that should accompany the first aid kit are some snacks and water. Off-roading can be an all-day affair, and chances are you will be hungry at some point. Some off-road parks have food, but if that’s not the case, having some snacks like protein bars and beef jerky along with some water for the trails can be an easy way to hold yourself over.

A Jeep Wrangler!

The last part of what to bring on an off-roading adventure is a Jeep Wrangler. Not every vehicle was created equal when it comes to off-roading since you need certain features like four-wheel drive to handle the trials and to remain safe. For years, many companies have been trying to compete with the Jeep Wrangler, but the vehicle still manages to stand the test of time thanks to its longevity, ruggedness, and timeless design.

A Jeep Wrangler also gives you a ton of freedom when it comes to the different modifications you can make to optimize its off-roading capabilities and make the adventure-going experience even better. This all starts by looking at AM Off-Road, where you can find a ton of great Jeep Wrangler JK accessories that can get your Wrangler ready for the trails and add a bit of personality to your vehicle.

What To Bring on an Off-Roading Adventure

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