What Is the Jeep Wave and How Did It Come to Be?

What Is the Jeep Wave and How Did It Come to Be?

There is a common tradition among Jeep owners which involves waving to other Jeep owners on the road. This is known as the Jeep Wave—and it has a long and storied tradition. If you recently purchased a Jeep Wrangler, you may want to learn more about the Jeep lifestyle. If you are wondering what the Jeep Wave is and how it may have originated, we have some answers ahead.

Origins of the Jeep Wave

So, what is the Jeep Wave origin story? Well, there isn’t a definitive answer. Nonetheless, Jeeps are known for their storied military history due to the vehicle’s creation for World War II. There is no exact explanation for how the Jeep Wave became as popular as it is today, but it likely leads back to World War II. Some say that the wave started when soldiers passed each other on the vehicle; however, there is no concrete evidence supporting this is how it started. The origin of the Jeep Wave remains a mystery, similar to how the Willys MA earned its Jeep name.

The Jeep Wave Today

Today, Jeep offers an exclusive program for owners named after the longstanding tradition. The Jeep Wave is available for owners who have a Jeep vehicle that is a 2015 or older. A Jeep Wave membership comes with many benefits any owner would appreciate. There are many perks included:

  • 24/7 vehicle owner support if you have any questions regarding your Jeep. Members can call for help by reaching the support team at 844-JEEP-WAVE (533-7928)
  • Regular maintenance assistance, with four oil changes and tire rotations
  • Access to exclusive Jeep events and contests throughout the country
  • Savings on merchandise through exclusive discounts
  • Get a rental vehicle—at no charge—if your Jeep is in the shop
  • A Jeep Wave membership will also cover for a trip interruption if a breakdown creates issues

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