What Is the Best Time of Year To Have Your Jeep Serviced?

What Is the Best Time of Year To Have Your Jeep Serviced?

Your Jeep requires different maintenance services depending on the time of year. Other factors, such as the miles you’ve put on the vehicle and how you drive it, also determine the type of servicing your Jeep needs. Consider these variables to find out the best time of year to have your Jeep serviced.

Winter vs. Summer Service

When getting your vehicle serviced based on the season, you’ll need to focus on different systems. In the winter, the electrochemical reaction in your car’s battery slows down, and a weak battery can stop functioning. Therefore, you need to make sure your battery is in good condition.

In summer, ensure your AC is working properly so you and your passengers can stay comfortable. The cooling system will keep your car cool, so remember to check on that, too. This might also be a great time to change your vehicle’s air filters to avoid clogs from dust and debris.


One of the most effective ways to determine the best time to have your Jeep serviced is to check the mileage against the maintenance schedule. You can find the schedule in your owner’s manual or by looking it up on the internet based on your vehicle’s year, make, and model.

To keep your vehicle in good shape and prolong its life on the road, don’t ignore the maintenance schedule. You’ll find information regarding proper intervals for oil changes, tire balancing, filter replacements, belt inspections, front and rear axle fluid changes, and more.

Driving Style

Your driving style also influences when you should have your vehicle serviced and which type of maintenance it may require. Jeep’s automatic oil change indicator system adapts to your driving habits. For some people, the light might come on at 3,500 miles. For others, it could come on thousands of miles beyond that.

Driving on short trips, driving with a lot of stopping, towing heavy equipment, and driving in extreme temperatures will shorten the interval between service checks. And, of course, the more you use a part, the more it will wear down and the sooner it will need repair or replacement.

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