Unwritten Rules Jeep Owners Should Follow

Unwritten Rules Jeep Owners Should Follow

If you are a new Jeep owner or soon to become one, you’re probably familiar with the rules of the road. However, there are other rules you may not know about—the unwritten rules Jeep owners should follow. Read below so that you’re not out of the loop when you hit the road in your vehicle.

The Story Behind the Wave

A well-known, unwritten rule that Jeep owners should follow is “the Jeep Wave,” which involves Jeep owners giving each other a wave to show respect. There are multiple theories about how this all began, including one that ties back to the vehicle’s history in World War II.

Because soldiers used Jeeps on the front lines, they would wave to determine who were allies and enemies or merely to greet one another. Another theory suggests that many veterans purchased their Jeeps after the war and would wave to recognize each other back home.

A third theory speculates that the wave has merely become a form of etiquette between Jeep owners on the road. When they do the wave, they recognize each other for having the same interests and hobbies.

The Ways To Do the Wave

There are several ways for Jeep owners to greet each other by doing the wave on the road. There is the classic method of raising your hand and waving, but you have other options if you don’t want to take your hand off the steering wheel.

You can raise four fingers to recognize another Jeep driver or merely raise your thumb. You also have the option of raising two fingers or using your fingers and nodding to acknowledge another Jeep driver.

The Hierarchy of the Wave

Some follow a hierarchy regarding who initiates the Jeep wave, and others may ignore it. If you decide to follow the hierarchy, you would start the wave if you spotted a Jeep that is higher up on the hierarchy system’s class, such as a CJ.

You should also start the wave if the other driver has a dirtier and more open Jeep than you. So, if the oncoming driver has a muddy Jeep Gladiator grille and you have a clean one, you should initiate the wave.

Finally, the person who starts the wave should show their respect to a vehicle that is ready for off-roading and features additional modifications. This status puts them above drivers with fewer modifications who still need to get their vehicles ready for off-roading.

If you would like to modify your Jeep so that you can be the one who returns the wave, contact us at AM Off-Road. We have high-quality selections that will allow you to be the one who returns other drivers’ greetings on the road.

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