Top Interior Jeep Wrangler Accessories Every Owner Needs

Top Interior Jeep Wrangler Accessories Every Owner Needs

Exterior modifications to your Jeep make a first impression, but once you’re inside your Jeep, you and your passengers will spend the most time enjoying interior changes. Find out the top interior Jeep Wrangler accessories every owner needs.

1. Interior Trim Kit

One of the easiest modifications to make to your Jeep also changes your Jeep dramatically—you can install an interior trim kit to add pops of color. Depending on your trim kit, you can coordinate the look of your inner door handle cover, passenger seat handle trim, air outlet trim, and steering wheel trim. Self-adhesive 3M tape keeps these durable ABS plastic pieces in place.

2. Switch Pod Panel

Another interior accessory that every Jeep Wrangler owner needs is a switch pod panel. The switch panel makes it easy for you to control accessories in your car with one centrally located box. The panel makes it safer and more intuitive for you to turn accessories on or off because you won’t have to fumble for controls. One of the most popular places to install the switch pod is on the A-pillar, and you only need basic tools to do it.

3. Ambient Lights

Ambient lights transform your interior at night like no other modification can. Once in place, you can choose from dozens of color and effects combinations for soft illumination. Use the command knob to adjust color and brightness and create beautiful visual effects along your dashboard.

4. Grab Handles

Whether you install aluminum or steel grab handles, these parts will make it easier for the driver and passengers to get in and out of the vehicle. If you have a lifted Jeep or want to lift your Jeep in the future, grab handles will prove an invaluable interior modification. Rugged design and colorful options make it easy to add aggressive styling to your Jeep’s cabin.

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