Tips to Safely Handle a Roadside Emergency

Tips to Safely Handle a Roadside Emergency

A roadside emergency is a scary situation to be in, especially if you’ve never experienced one before. There are several actions you should take before and during a roadside emergency to ensure that you and everyone you are with stay safe. Follow these tips to safely handle a roadside emergency ahead.  

Have the Essentials  

The first tip on how to deal with a roadside emergency is to prepare. Your vehicle should have an emergency pack ready to go with all the essential items so that, if an emergency does occur, you are prepared. Some important items you should have in your car  include:  

  • Flashlight 
  • First-aid kit 
  • Spare tire kit 
  • Jumper cables 
  • Blanket 
  • Portable phone charger 

Pull Over 

If you ever get into a roadside emergency, the first thing you need to do is pull over to a safe spot on the road. Once you do this, then you need to turn on your hazard lights to let other drivers on the road know that you aren’t moving. Pulling over to the side of the road is the best way to avoid any further damage.  

Check on Others and Assess Damage 

After pulling over safely on the side of the road, you should then make sure that the other people involved with the emergency are okay. Give them any attention and, if necessary, use the first-aid kit you should already have stored in your vehicle. You will then want to assess the exterior damage on your vehicle, but make sure you are careful and look for oncoming traffic.  

Call for Help 

The final tip to safely handle a roadside emergency is to call for help, which can vary based on the situation you are in. After calling 9-1-1 or roadside assistance, you should remain in your car until help arrives because you might not be visible to others on the road.  

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