Tips for Preventing Damage to Your Vehicle at the Car Wash

Tips for Preventing Damage to Your Vehicle at the Car Wash

A car wash is one of the most important pieces of maintenance, especially if you go off-roading frequently. However, there is a chance that your car could suffer from damage during an automatic car wash. Tread lightly and use these tips for preventing damage to your vehicle at the car wash.  

Go Brushless 

The first thing you should avoid to avert damage to your vehicle is a car wash with brushes. The reason being is because a brush can cause scratches and other damage. Luckily, most car washes today are brushless, but keep this in mind when you are in need of a wash.  

Check Your Vehicle Beforehand 

Before you head out for a car wash, make sure you check your vehicle beforehand. You might be waiting in line before your turn is up, so take advantage of this time by checking your tires, oil, and more. By checking your vehicle beforehand, you can spot any issues before you cause any more damage with a car wash.  

Look Ahead in Line 

If you are in line and notice that a vehicle is full of mud from off-roading or anything else, you might want to get out. You want to avoid a dirty car ahead of you because there’s a chance that the debris can get onto your car and cause scratches or other damage.  

Don’t Forget About Your Antenna 

When you are going through a car wash, you also need to be mindful of the clearance. More specifically, you need to make sure your antenna isn’t up, or else it might break off. If you are a frequent listener of the radio, then you will want to lower it, but this might not be an option for older cars, so plan accordingly.  

Be Wary of Wipes Afterwards 

The last tip for preventing damage to your vehicle at the car wash is to be careful of what happens after the car wash. There are some car washes that don’t have an automatic drying system, so you might get a manual drying at the end. If you notice that the people working aren’t using clean rags, opt out of it because that can also cause damage to your vehicle.  

In addition to getting car washes, it’s also important that you equip your vehicle to the best of your abilities if you are a frequent off-roader. You can find Jeep Wrangler JK fenders, mirrors, grilles, and more at AM Off-Road.  

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