The Dos and Don’ts of Washing Mud Off Your Jeep

The Dos and Don’ts of Washing Mud Off Your Jeep

As you journey through an off-roading trial, your Jeep Wrangler is bound to come out of it dirty. Mud tends to be the major cause of a dirty Jeep after off-roading, and it can be a mess to remove. Here are the dos and don’ts of washing mud off your Jeep.

Don’t Wait

The biggest mistake people make after going on off-roading is not washing their vehicles soon enough. When mud sits on your Jeep, it can cause several issues because it dries up over time, which makes it more difficult to remove later. Dry mud on a Jeep can lead to overheating, an imbalance with the tires, and less effective lights. So when you are done off-roading, don’t wait to clean your Jeep Wrangler!

Use a Pressure Washer

Instead of using a normal hose, you will need a bit more power to get the mud off your Jeep. A pressure washer will generate enough power to remove all the mud that is caked on to your Jeep Wrangler. By using a pressure washer, washing your Jeep will be much easier.

Don’t Go Through a Car Wash If You Have a Soft Top

You might be tempted to go through a car wash, thinking that it would be the easiest way to clean your vehicle. However, if your Jeep has a soft top, this can result in window tears and other damage. Therefore, it’s better to wash the Jeep by hand.

Clean the Undercarriage

An area of your Jeep that is hidden from sight yet exposed to the most mud is your undercarriage. Neglecting your Jeep’s undercarriage can cause rust to form and other issues. To clean the undercarriage, use a brush and some appropriate car-washing soap and scrub any mud off. Rinse with a pressure washer.

Don’t Forget the Smaller Areas

The final part of our guide to the do’s and don’ts of washing mud off your Jeep is to remember to clean the smaller areas of your vehicle. Everything from the Jeep door handle inserts to anything under the hood can be full of mud. Be careful and make sure these areas are cleaned up after an off-roading trip so that your Jeep will sparkle.

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