The Benefits of Grille Inserts for Your Jeep

The Benefits of Grille Inserts for Your Jeep

What Is a Grille Insert?

Before diving into how your Jeep may benefit from a grille insert, let’s look at its technicalities.

Grille inserts can get installed within your vehicle’s existing grilles. They can easily fit between the openings of the grille shell. They’re often used by off-roading fanatics, as they have protective qualities in addition to cosmetic ones, which we’ll delve into in the next section. Inserts give grilles an added layer of safety and personality since drivers can mix and match accessories to their liking.

How Will My Jeep Benefit?

The benefits of grille inserts for your Jeep are substantial for drivers looking to improve their vehicle’s function and appearance.


As mentioned, a grille insert serves as a protective sheet to go behind your Jeep’s grille. Once slid into position, inserts shield your vehicle’s radiator from road and trail debris.

This minor addition can greatly improve radiator longevity and your Jeep’s overall appearance and function. It’s an essential asset for off-roading Jeeps, as they constantly come into harsh contact with rocks, dirt, and trail contaminants.


Jeep Wrangler JK grille inserts come in all kinds of designs to appease every off-roading enthusiast’s style. Screen-printed patterns and varying finishes allow you to establish an appearance that’s flashy or low-key, whichever you prefer.

You can make your ride look distinct with one of AM Off-Road’s matte, glossy, or mesh inserts. Not only will this addition save you from future radiator troubles, but one of the benefits of grille inserts for your Jeep is that it also creates a unique and individualized look for the front of your ride.

Other Ways to Enhance Your Ride’s Look

When upgrading your Jeep with a grille insert, you’re likely to look for other ways to personalize your ride. For a well-rounded enhancement of the front of your Jeep, consider the following off-roading accessories.

  • Overlays: This customization is done onto the actual Jeep factory stock grille. An overlay can be as simple as a decal on your vehicle’s grille. For JK models, the designs and alterations can get more complex than with YJ models. Depending on how you customize your overlay, it can also protect the front of your car from abrasive road or trail materials.
  • Grilles: A Jeep’s front grille is comprised of flexible ABS plastic with slats that allow airflow to the radiator. Because the factory stock grille is malleable, it is susceptible to debris damage. Replace your grille for one that has a unique finish and complex slat design to transform your Jeep’s appearance while maintaining proper air circulation.
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