Interior Accessories Your Jeep Should Have

Interior Accessories Your Jeep Should Have

Personalizing your Jeep’s cabin means a stylish and comfortable driving experience for you and your passengers. Consider upgrading your rig with these interior accessories your Jeep should have.

Air Vent With Light

Control the direction and intensity of heated or cooled air with an upgraded dashboard air vent. For a truly stylish improvement, opt for a vent with ambient light.

With ambient light air vents, you can let the system cycle through mesmerizing colors or choose the hue you prefer. Simple controls make it easy for you to control the brightness of your lights. Dim lights create a gentler ambience, while bright lights provide an energetic display.

Floor Mats

If you love to go off-roading or you frequently drive in rural areas, floor mats are one of the best interior accessories your Jeep should have. Protect your rig’s carpet from mud, dirt, snow, water, debris, and spills.

A non-slip design with durable hooks and fasteners means you won’t have to fight to keep the mats where they belong. Remove the floor mats for a quick and thorough cleaning, then put them back in your Jeep for a pristine look.

Rear Seat Recline Kit

Many people dislike riding in the back of a Wrangler because the back seat is at an almost perfect 90-degree angle. With just a few bolts and washers, you can install a rear seat recline kit that improves your passengers’ comfort by diminishing that stiff feeling.

Quality bolts will minimize stress on factory seat brackets. The recline kit will adjust the tilt of the seat just enough to relieve pressure without compromising passenger safety.

Interior Trim Kit

Finally, outline various components of your vehicle’s dash, steering wheel, doors, and center console with an interior trim kit. The kit includes parts made with high-quality ABS plastic that protect the interior from scratches and dings.

You’ll appreciate how easily you can add color to your Jeep’s interior. Simply applying self-adhesive 3M tape creates a reliable bond between the trim and the vehicle’s surface.

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