How To Make the Front of Your Jeep Look Better

How To Make the Front of Your Jeep Look Better

Make your Jeep uniquely your own with eye-catching modifications. Discover how to make the front of your Jeep look better.

1. Mount a Light Bar

Mounting a light bar along the top of your Jeep improves visibility when driving in low light conditions, and the row of shining LED lights helps your rig look its best. The light bar is one piece of equipment that can help you continue your day excursion into the night.

When you pair a light bar with spotlights, you ensure your Jeep has everything necessary to illuminate the darkest paths. Use the light bar while off-roading, driving through unknown areas in the dark, or performing a vehicle recovery.

2. Install a New Bumper

Give your Jeep a sporty edge with a new bumper. Aftermarket bumpers can include special features such as built-in lights or D-rings for anchoring tow straps. Whatever design you choose, your new bumper will continue to protect you and your rig from the impact of front-end collisions.

3. Update the Headlights

Whether you want to improve visibility on the road or change your Jeep’s styling, updating the headlights can make it happen. White LED headlights illuminate better, last longer, and consume less energy than halogen bulbs. The configuration of the LEDs within the headlight assembly also affects how the lights look. For example, halo lights can make your vehicle look more modern.

If you’re more interested in adding style to your Jeep, consider getting RGB headlights that light the front of your car up with different colors. Or give your Jeep a dark makeover with smoked lens lights.

4. Change the Grille

Another way to make the front of your Jeep look better is to change the grille. Aftermarket grilles make it easy for you to add personality to your Jeep. Whether you want a subtle and sleek look or an in-your-face aggressive design, you have a wide array of styles to choose from.

The selection of Jeep Gladiator grilles from AM Off-Road features various headlight cover and grille slot styles. For a bigger change, consider purchasing a combo pack that includes headlights that coordinate with the grille’s look. Shop with us today.

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