Differences Between Driving Lights and Fog Lights

Differences Between Driving Lights and Fog Lights

Jeep owners have the option to make a lot of changes to their vehicles. Not only are these modifications great for creating an aesthetically pleasing vehicle, but they can also greatly improve the safety of your Jeep. Many Jeep owners will add lights, but there are a few options to choose from. Here are the differences between driving lights and fog lights.  

Driving Lights 

Driving lights can be a great addition for any driver because they can improve one’s vision on the road when traveling at night. Driving lights are different from high beam lights in that the former can provide even more light, which makes them particularly helpful when your visibility is especially low. If you do have your driving lights on, you need to make sure you turn them off when another driver passes you on the other side of the road so you don’t obscure their visibility.  

Fog Lights 

Fog lights are also useful to increase the visibility for a driver on the road. Fog lights are a common feature on many Jeep Wranglers and are typically located underneath the headlights. The purpose of fog lights is to help a driver see during times on the road when there is thick fog. Fog lights will help the driver see enough to travel safely during these situations.  

The Main Difference Between Driving Lights and Fog Lights 

The main difference between the two different types of vehicle lights has to do with their purpose and ability. Driving lights will be able to shoot a bright light over a longer distance. Meanwhile, fog lights emit at a shorter distance that will help you get through poor weather conditions. Another difference is that fog lights can also come in other colors such as yellow.  

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