Common Off-Roading Problems All Drivers Should Know

Common Off-Roading Problems All Drivers Should Know

It’s no secret that off-roading can take a toll on your Jeep if you aren’t careful. Exterior damage, transmission problems, and wheel misalignments are just a few of the issues that can occur from off-roading. Read on to learn more about common off-roading problems all drivers should know. Keep in mind that you can avoid these problems with safe driving skills and routine maintenance.

Exterior Damage

When you go off-roading on rough and rocky trails, there’s always a risk of exterior damage. Rocks, sand, and surrounding obstacles can scratch and dent your Jeep’s body, causing some serious issues. However, you can prevent damage with Jeep off-road gear and safe driving skills. For example, driving at a slow and steady pace will help you avoid large obstacles that can damage your Jeep’s sides or undercarriage.

Transmission Issues

Transmission issues are another one of the common off-roading problems all drivers should know. The rigorous up-and-down and side-to-side motions of off-roading can take a toll on a Jeep’s transmission, especially if you use a manual transmission. You must learn how to shift and use your manual transmission to prevent issues. Also, inspect your vehicle before you head out to the trail to catch any problems before you go.

Wheel Misalignment

As you can imagine, large hills, steep trails, and uneven terrain can result in wheel misalignment. Sometimes, you never even notice that your wheels are out of alignment, so it’s crucial to inspect your Jeep after your trip. You should also check your tires before and after your trip because they take the brunt of the terrain. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, you should fix the issue before going on your next off-roading trip. Ignoring tire or alignment issues will cause even more damage and make your vehicle unsafe to drive in the wilderness.

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