Awesome Jeep Events You Don’t Want To Miss

Awesome Jeep Events You Don’t Want To Miss

Whether you consider yourself a seasoned Jeeper or you’re new to Jeep ownership, one of the keys to connecting with the Jeep community is through special events. All over the US, events, festivals, and weekend trips take place for Jeep enthusiasts. While each festival has its own lineup of activities, they all promise a fantastic time. Add some fun to your calendar with these awesome Jeep events you don’t want to miss.

Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival

The Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival started in 2011 in Butler, Pennsylvania. It has been held in that same city every year, and it’s grown to become one of the biggest festivals for proud Jeep owners to enjoy. You can learn more about your rig and meet other fans of Jeeps at this special event.

The festival is full of activities the whole family can enjoy. One of the highlights is the impressive Jeep parade, which has broken the Guinness World Record for the largest Jeep parade. In 2021, over 2,800 Jeeps participated, and over 30,000 spectators attended.

The festival takes place at Coopers Lake Campground, not far from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on the second weekend in June. You can enjoy the off-road trails, playground with obstacles, vendor exhibits, and a Jeep history exhibit. Even if you can’t make it soon, put this one on your Jeep bucket list.

Jeep Jamboree

Another awesome Jeep event you don’t want to miss is Jeep Jamboree. Every year, multiple Jamborees are held throughout the US; these are family-friendly off-road adventure weekends full of exploration and hanging out in nature. A guide will lead you and other fun-seekers on an off-road trip, and you’ll get to know the community as you camp.

When you register for the Jamboree, you’ll have access to all the trip details for the specific Jamboree location you select. This includes information such as trail ratings, the event itinerary, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Be sure to carefully read through the requirements before attending to understand what is expected during the event. For example, you’re required to have a GMRS radio so you can transmit and receive information while on the trail. You’ll appreciate hearing your experienced guide’s instructions and insight about the trail.

Easter Jeep Safari

The Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah, is an annual Jeep adventure and one of the biggest events you can attend. During this nine-day event, Chrysler Jeep reveals details about new models and previews concepts.

While you might be able to snag a last-minute registration at the event, you should register ahead of time if you want to drive on one of the trails. When you register, pay attention to the details, including departure times. You’re not restricted to driving a Jeep, but ATVs and UTVs are not allowed on the trails.

Pack your own food and non-alcoholic beverages for the trip. Since this event is in the desert, you’ll want to bring plenty of water, sun protection, and layers of clothing in preparation for the Utah spring weather. These supplies will keep you safe and make it more comfortable for you to take in the gorgeous natural sights.

Jeep Beach

Held in Daytona Beach, Florida, Jeep Beach is one of the largest Jeep-only events in the US. During this week-long event, which starts in late April, check out the newest Jeep-centric products from over 200 vendors. Jeep Beach donates money it fundraises to local charities throughout central Florida.

Jeep Beach 2022 kicked off with a 5k Fun Run event with participants running, walking, and jogging down the beach. Other activities included a food truck festival, scavenger hunt, softball game, a tailgate party, and other events like Jeep Beach in Boots, which featured a salute to first responders and community heroes.

If you want to go off-roading, pre-register for the experience. Keep in mind that the trails range from mild to moderately difficult and feature plenty of mud.

Whether you want to bring your Jeep or simply check out the celebrations, Jeep Beach is a fun and unique way to experience a beautiful Florida beach. Register online and consider getting some merch to boost your festive spirit.

Toledo Jeep Fest

Toledo Jeep Fest is a weekend-long event held in early August every year in Toledo, Ohio—the city where Jeep Wranglers are manufactured and assembled. Jeep is an important part of Toledo’s heritage and modern life, and this festival truly celebrates the iconic vehicle.

More people flock to this fantastic event every year, and it’s not hard to see why. The celebration includes the All-Jeep Parade through downtown, live concerts and entertainment, family fun, and a vendor midway. Peruse indoor exhibits, order from food trucks, refresh yourself in beer gardens, and listen to live bands and entertainment. And if you have kids, they’ll love the fun activities catered to them.

Bonus: Local Jeep Club Events

While the five amazing events listed above are scattered throughout the country, Jeep clubs local to your area remain one of the best ways to plug into the Jeep community. Since it’s a local group, you’ll have a better chance to form friendships with fellow Jeep enthusiasts.

Jeep clubs give you the chance to partner with fellow adventure-seekers, develop your understanding of off-roading, and contribute to trail and wilderness preservation. Some Jeep organizations support their local communities through charity fundraising events, too.

Look for Jeep clubs near you and consider which kind of organization you’d most like to join. While some Jeep clubs are structured with detailed membership rules or fees, others have less structure. The best club for you depends on the activities you’d like to join, your lifestyle, and your Jeep.

No matter which kind of Jeep you own or your level of off-roading experience, consider how you can take part in some of these events. You’ll engage with people who share your interest, make memories of fantastic adventures, learn more about your rig, and gain experience with your Jeep.

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Awesome Jeep Events You Don’t Want To Miss
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