Aftermarket Jeep Parts You Should Get for the New Year

Aftermarket Jeep Parts You Should Get for the New Year

A new year means new adventures to enjoy in your Jeep. Whether you want to upgrade your daily drive or elevate your offroad excursions, accessories can transform your ride. Discover aftermarket Jeep parts you should get for the new year.

1. Grille With Integrated Lights

Your Jeep’s grille serves the practical purpose of keeping your engine cool and protecting your radiator and engine from debris. But the grille also provides the dominant form of ornamentation on the front of your Jeep, making it one of the best parts to change if you want to give your rig a new look.

AM Off-Road carries a wide selection of grilles designed to make your Jeep look more aggressive. For a more unique look, choose a grille with integrated lights, such as daytime running lights (DRL) or turn signals.

2. Heat Dispersion Vented Hood

If one of your resolutions is to spend more time off-roading, a heat dispersion vented hood is an excellent aftermarket Jeep part to get for the new year. The large, raised cowl in the center gives your Jeep a robust style.

Numerous vents in the hood help disperse heat and cool the engine more efficiently, which is especially great if you live in a hotter climate or drive at lower RPMs, such as when off-roading. By preventing overheating, the hood can reduce stress and wear on your engine.

3. Locking Hood Catch Kit

Keep your hood secure no matter the driving conditions with a locking hood catch kit. Constructed from die-cast e-coated stainless steel and with a powder coat finish, these durable latches have excellent corrosion resistance.

AM Off-Road offers black and red hood catch kits with coordinating aluminum door grab handle inserts. The handle inserts mount onto your Jeep’s factory handles and create a more rugged appearance.

4. A-Pillar Switch Pod

Installing an A-pillar switch pod will help you to keep your focus on the road. The switch pod keeps all your controls in one easy-to-reach place.

This is an especially great accessory if you have power-controlled upgrades, such as an LED light bar or other auxiliary lights. Rather than reaching for different switches or buttons in your vehicle, adjust your accessories with the switch pod.

For stylish and functional aftermarket parts, check out AM Off-Road, the preferred Jeep accessories store. We carry a selection of items that you can conveniently install yourself. Shop with us today to improve your Jeep’s style.

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