7 Perfect Gift Ideas To Get a Jeep Owner

7 Perfect Gift Ideas To Get a Jeep Owner

If you’re trying to come up with gift ideas for a Jeep owner, there’s no need to worry. One of the best aspects about owning a Jeep is customizing the rig; the wide range of aftermarket Jeep accessories to choose from makes it easy for you to find something any Jeep owner will love.

Give your loved one something they’ll appreciate and use during everyday driving and off-road excursions—check out these seven perfect gift ideas to get a Jeep owner.

1. LED Light Bar

Illuminate the road ahead with an upgraded light setup. The LED light bar is simple to install, and rubber gaskets protect the Jeep’s paint. The aluminum housing and stainless-steel mounting make this a durable part that you can depend on during night rides.

Once mounted, these long-lasting LED bulbs illuminate a large area, helping the driver and passengers avoid hazards on poorly-lit backroads or trails. You can count on this gift to withstand temperature changes on the trail and resist dust, debris, and moisture, providing adventurers with clear light. And if someone breaks down or needs a pull, the lightbar will make it easier to repair or tow a vehicle at night.

2. Grille Replacement

Aftermarket Jeep grilles add aggressive styling to the front end of the rig. Made with ABS plastic, they’re built to last and will continue to inspire awe years after installation. Replacing the grille is one of the easiest ways to personalize the appearance of a Jeep.

We’ve made our AM Off-Road grilles easy to install—select the right grille for the Jeep and use the factory push pins and mounting points. There’s no need to make modifications to the vehicle, and the job can be done in about fifteen minutes using basic tools.

Jeep’s classic seven-slot grille is iconic, so any grille that follows must be awesome. Our grilles’ bold designs honor the thrill of off-roading in a Jeep. You can choose a design inspired by predators, such as the Shark or Hawke grille, or go for a more subtle dominating look.

3. Headlights

Another stylish way to upgrade the front-end look of a Jeep is by changing the headlights. While the practical purpose of headlights is to keep the path well-lit, you can have fun choosing the right headlight design to make a great gift.

For example, halo headlights encircle a central point of light. Halo headlights can function as a daytime running light (DRL) and as a turn signal indicator, glowing white or amber depending on the use. Additionally, color-changing halos let you choose from an array of colors, including green, orange, pink, and blue, for a customized look.

You can pair headlights with a new grille or coordinate your choice of headlights with the existing grille; this will amplify the impact of both parts and produce a seamless overall look for the vehicle. For example, our Gladiator Vader grille and halo headlight combination creates a complete, formidable appearance.

4. Lighted Turbo Air AC Vent

The fourth perfect gift idea for a Jeep owner makes a difference to the vehicle’s interior. While exterior modifications give the Jeep an impressive outward appearance and increased durability, turbo air AC vents with ambient light enhance the driver and passenger experience.

This upgrade elevates the look of the dashboard while keeping the cabin cool. The speed and direction of airflow can be adjusted easily, and you can choose a specific light color, synchronize the vent lights with ambient cabin lights, or cycle through the twelve color options.

The light color and brightness can be controlled with a command knob to create the desired cabin atmosphere. Any Jeep owner will enjoy customizing the interior of their Jeep with these fun, beautiful AC vent lights, allowing them to ride in comfort and style, on and off the trail.

5. Fender Flares

Protect the Jeep’s paint job with fender flares. If the Jeep owner wants a slight increase in ground clearance but doesn’t want to lift the Jeep significantly, fender flares can open the wheel well and make space for larger tires. Larger tires can improve the Jeep’s ground clearance while maintaining a low center of gravity.

Fender flares protect the vehicle from mud, sand, and other debris kicked up by the wheels. Fender flares can also protect the fender’s paint job from trees and rocks if the driver gets too close to these obstacles. For added style and functionality, consider fender flares with built-in lights.

6. Front and Rear Grab Handles

Made from aluminum or steel, front and rear grab handles make it easier for people to get into and out of the Jeep. Regardless of whether the Jeep is lifted, these grab handles help a lot, and their ergonomic design makes them easy and comfortable to hold onto. You can choose between black or red handles to complement the interior styling of the rig.

Passengers will appreciate the support offered by the grab handles during bumpy rides; the handles also provide added stability for passengers when the Jeep’s outfitted with tube doors. These durable grips won’t limit your line of sight in the vehicle, and the simple installation makes this a great gift.

7. Taillights

Stylize the backend of the Jeep with aftermarket taillights, our final gift idea. Choose LEDs arranged in rows or other configurations for a custom look. And with a plug-and-play design, you don’t need to cut wires to install these lights.

Choose between dramatic bright taillights or smoked taillights with a tint. Durable ABS plastic and lower power consumption make aftermarket taillights a long-lasting tool for the trail.

LED lights also increase the visibility of the back of the vehicle while the driver parks, brakes, turns, or reverses. Other members of an off-roading caravan will appreciate the added safety and style from upgraded taillights.

Find the Right Gift With AM Off-Road

At AM Off-Road, we’re committed to outfitting Jeeps for off-road adventures. Our Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator grilles have a rugged design that performs well on the trail and looks great anywhere a Jeep goes. Check out our stock of great gifts for Jeep owners.

7 Perfect Gift Ideas To Get a Jeep Owner

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