5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Jeep Dad

5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Jeep Dad

As Father’s Day approaches, children and spouses will look for ways to show their love for the dads in their lives. If your dad is fond of his Jeep, why not give him a gift related to his favorite off-road vehicle? Read on for five Father’s Day gift ideas for your Jeep dad.

Jeep JK Grille

One item you could give your dad is a new Jeep JK grille. A new grille has the potential to add a unique, aggressive look to your dad’s vehicle while also providing protection against the hazards one may encounter while driving off-road. Additionally, there are multiple colors and styles to choose from for a fully customized look.

LED Headlights

If you want your Jeep dad to stay safe on the road, you could pick up a set of LED headlights for him. The lights will add to the Jeep’s rugged appearance while enhancing visibility as your dad drives.

The LED lights also provide significant savings since they offer a 60 percent reduction in power consumption over standard headlights and boast a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours.

Foot Peg

Another Father’s Day gift idea for your Jeep dad is a foot peg. If your father likes to stretch his left leg while parked or driving, you can get him a foot peg that he can easily install on the outside of his doorless Jeep. You can even choose one that features the US flag so he can show his pride in his country while driving down the road or off-roading.

Side Step Bars

You can make it easier for your dad to step in and out of his Jeep with a set of side step bars. These bars provide more security when driving over rough ground, and they feature a tread pattern on the surface for a better grip when stepping on them.

Taillight Guards

Your dad can have some fun decorating his Jeep with special taillight guards; these come in the shape of a dog’s paw, the US flag, and more. Made of aluminum alloy, taillight guards are very durable and feature a black powder coating that will stop them from rusting or becoming contaminated.

Visit AM Off-Road if you want to get your dad something Jeep-related for Father’s Day. We can assist you in expressing your appreciation for your dad by helping you find the right gift for him to use on his next off-roading adventure.

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