4 Tips for Parallel Parking Correctly with Your Jeep

4 Tips for Parallel Parking Correctly with Your Jeep

Parallel parking is one of the toughest skills to master as a driver. However, there will always be instances where your only option is to parallel park—especially for those who reside in cities. That is why you should utilize our tips for parallel parking correctly with your Jeep.

Find a Good Spot with Enough Room

The first step in successfully parallel parking is to find a space with enough room for your vehicle. According to Dimensions Info, “The average size of a parking space is 320 square feet or 30 square meters.” However, parallel parking spaces tend to be even smaller. You don’t want to risk your Jeep getting stuck and hitting another vehicle. That is why before you begin to back into a spot, drive your car up next to the space to ensure there is going to be enough room.

Align Yourself with the Car Ahead of You

The next step is to get your Jeep parallel with the vehicle in front of the spot where you want to park. The easiest way to line your car up correctly is by maneuvering it so the side mirrors are even with the mirrors on the car next to you.

Begin to Reverse

Now that you are even with the vehicle that is ahead of your spot, you can put your car in reverse. Take this step slowly, as you want to maintain full control as you back into the desired spot. Start by turning your wheel slightly to the right—the back end of your car should file into the space. As you back in, slowly straighten out the wheel. Once the front of your car clears the back bumper of the vehicle in front of you and before the back of your car reaches the curb, stop.

At this point, you can start turning your wheel to the left. The front of your car should start to even out with the back of the car in front of you. Again, take this slowly, as to not hit the cars you’re in between. Remember to use your mirrors, and even turn around in your seat to gain a better understanding of how much room you have.

Make Everything Straight

Once you confirm that your car is in the space, you can straighten it out to line up with the other vehicles around you. Transition from reverse to forward shift, and in slow motions, inch your car up into the space. You may have to adjust a few times until your car is parallel with the sidewalk. Additionally, check that there is enough room between you and the vehicles ahead and behind you. For those who use Jeep Wrangler foot pegs, you’ll need to be extra careful. As you get parallel with the sidewalk, try to avoid being too close to the curb—you could end up damaging these modifications.


These tips for parallel parking correctly will allow you to get a parking spot and keep your Jeep safe from damage.

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