4 Popular Types of Grilles for Your Jeep

4 Popular Types of Grilles for Your Jeep

The front end of your Jeep is a great place to start customizing the vehicle to suit your style. Changing your Jeep’s grille has a strong impact on your vehicle’s overall look.

The grille protects your favorite off-road vehicle from flying debris. Swapping out your current grille for a statement piece makes it look awesome, too. Check out these four popular types of grilles for your Jeep.

1. Demon Grille

If you want to add aggressive off-road styling but don’t want your Jeep to look over-the-top, the Demon Grille fits the bill. With durable acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic construction, this grille looks great and provides superior impact resistance.

Upgrade your Jeep’s appearance with an eagle eye design for your headlights. You can also add a bar of LED lights for elevated style.

2. Vader Grille

For a slightly more intimidating grille option, check out the Vader Grille. This grille features a more rectangular shape and a heavier brow than the Demon Grille.

Constructed with durable ABS plastic, you can rely on this grille to preserve your Jeep’s front end. Add an upgrade like smoke star turn lights with an amber finish for an even more striking look.

3. Shark Grille

As the name suggests, the Shark Grille gives your Jeep the look of a shark baring its teeth. The crisscross pattern boldly stands out as a forceful departure from the typical slots.

You can completely transform the look of your Jeep in about 15 minutes. Since the Shark Grille doesn’t corrode, you can depend on it for years of off-roading adventures.

4. Hawke Grille

One of the most formidable predators of the sky inspired designers to create the Hawke Grille. This unique design mimics the intense front profile of a hawk, making it a popular type of grille for your Jeep.

You can easily install this durable, lightweight grille without making any cuts or modifications. You could also opt for halo lights to further commit to the look.

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