3 Modifications for First-Time Jeep Owners

3 Modifications for First-Time Jeep Owners

Jeep owners enjoy endless opportunities to customize their rigs. If you want to outfit your Jeep for an off-road excursion, you can add parts and accessories to help keep you moving or get you out of a sticky situation. If you want to change the look of your Jeep for a one-of-a-kind ride, you’ve got options to set your vehicle apart.

With so many ways to customize your vehicle, you might be wondering where to start. Get ideas with these three modifications for first-time Jeep owners.

1. LED Lights

Upgrade your factory lights for bright, long-lasting LED lights. This change will make it safer for you to drive on paved streets or off-road trails at night. And on top of better functionality, aftermarket LED lights complement the styling of your Jeep.

If you drive an older Jeep, such as a Wrangler manufactured before 2017, you probably have factory halogen lights. Swapping out your headlights and taillights for LED bulbs will give you greater visibility—and they last longer, too.

If you already have LED headlights and taillights, an LED light bar is a stylish option that improves visibility. With a light bar, you can illuminate further and wider than with headlights alone. And you can even use some light bars as spotlights for a more focused beam.

2. Grille

Replacing your grille is one of the easiest and best modifications for first-time Jeep owners. Take the classic look of your Jeep and give it a wild upgrade when you change its front end. Choose from a variety of styles all designed with Jeep’s fierce spirit in mind.

Aside from the fun styles to choose from and the visual impact, one of the best reasons to change your grille is that it’s an easy modification. Our grilles are easy to install in about 15 minutes with basic hand tools. These aftermarket grilles also use the factory push pins and mounting points so you don’t have to make cuts to install.

3. Turbo Air Vent With Ambient Light

You’ll spend a lot of time riding in your Jeep, so it makes sense to modify its interior appearance. For dramatic and cool styling, consider lighting up the air vents with LED ambient lights. Whether you like to keep your dashboard dim or want to brighten up your cabin, you can control the brightness levels.

Keep your lights on one color or let the vents cycle through colors like pink, blue, red, orange, and green. Plug-and-play installation makes this a beginner-friendly modification.

Modify Your Jeep With AM Off-Road

AM Off-Road carries stylish Jeep Wrangler JK exterior accessories. Whether you want to add an LED light bar, change out your grille, or update the look of your cabin, have fun with these choices from AM Off-Road.

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