What Are the Best Jeep Models for Off-Roading?

What Are the Best Jeep Models for Off-Roading?

Everyone knows that Jeeps are the kings of off-roading, but not everyone knows that some Jeep models perform better than others. All Jeeps in general drive smoothly on off-road trails, but some models clearly outperform others. And while Jeep Wranglers are some of the most popular choices for off-roading vehicles, other Jeep models come very close in performance. So what are the best Jeep models for off-roading? Take a look below to learn the answer.

1. Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

The number one king of off-roading is the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. Due to its outstanding off-road performance, many people consider this to be the most legendary Jeep of all time. With its 4-wheel drive system, skid plates, high ground clearance, and high crawl ratio, this Jeep can tackle any trail at any time. The crawl ratio allows this Jeep to maintain traction over slippery terrain, so this is a great vehicle to drive over gravel or loose rocks.

Additionally, the OEM tires that come with the Rubicon are tough, durable, and able to withstand even the most difficult trails. Rubicons can handle the most extreme off-roading obstacles and go rock crawling, mudding, and climbing. Clearly, due to all these amazing features, the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon will remain the king of off-roading for many years.

2. Jeep Gladiator

If you need extra space in your Jeep for camping or biking equipment, drive a Jeep Gladiator. The Gladiator is one of the first Jeep pickup trucks, and it performs well both on and off the road. It combines everything you love about Jeep Wranglers and trucks into a single vehicle. It has a towing capacity of 7,650 pounds and a payload capacity of 1,660 pounds. It also has an excellent 4-wheel drive system that allows you to travel on the roughest terrain.

Also, Jeep Gladiators are really easy to upgrade and modify with Jeep Gladiator aftermarket parts. These parts not only protect your Jeep from obstacles on the trail but also give your Jeep a unique look and style. If you love Jeeps and trucks, the Gladiator is the best vehicle for you to drive.

3. Jeep Wrangler Willys

Similar to the Willys Overland, which was built in 1948, the Jeep Wrangler Willys is another great choice for your off-roading expeditions. This model was based off of the original 1948 Jeep that was used in World War II, and it has many similar features and components. High-performance shock absorbers, 32-inch wheels, and 4-wheel drive are just a few of the features that make this model an awesome off-roading vehicle. Additionally, the 2020 Jeep Wrangler Willys is limited edition, so it’s sure to stand out on the road.

4. Jeep Grand Cherokee

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is one of the top off-roading SUVs on the market. It’s spacious and has superb suspension, and its all-wheel drive allows you to drive through mountains or to the grocery store. The Grand Cherokee can come with either a V6 or a V8 engine, and both provide all the horsepower you’ll need to power through tough terrain. However, Grand Cherokee–owners claim that the V8 is the better choice, so if you plan to use yours for off-roading purposes, choose the V8 engine and use the additional power wisely.

In addition to its power, this model is also known for its spacious interior. If you want to take the family along for an off-roading, camping, or biking trip, the Jeep Grand Cherokee can easily take you, all your gear, and the whole family to wherever you need to go.

5. Jeep Renegade

Sometimes, you need a vehicle with some speed to drive quickly across flat terrain. The Jeep Renegade is fast and nimble, and it comes with Terrain Traction Control. Terrain Traction Control allows your Jeep to smoothly and easily drive over sand, sleet, snow, gravel, mud, and rocks.

Similar to the Jeep Grand Cherokee, this model is also an SUV, so it has plenty of room for friends, family, and equipment. Some Jeep Renegades even have sunroofs with removeable glass panels so that you can enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.

6. Jeep Wagoneer

The Jeep Wagoneer is sleek and stylish, but don’t let its appearance fool you. Underneath its stylish exterior, the Wagoneer is tough, durable, and able to handle the great outdoors. It has a full-size body, resilient axles, and 4-wheel drive. It performs well both on and off the road, and it’s a great vehicle to drive to work or in the wilderness.

7. Jeep Compass

Another SUV Jeep to drive over off-road trails is the Jeep Compass. With 9.1 inches of ground clearance, 17-inch all-terrain tires, and 4-wheel drive, this SUV is ready to tackle even the rockiest roads. It’s also spacious, so it has room for all your equipment, family, friends, food, and more.

8. Jeep Patriot

Similar to the Jeep Compass, the Jeep Patriot also has 4-wheel drive, 17-inch all-terrain tires, and the ability to cross 19 inches of standing water. Due to its 4-wheel drive system, it also has rock crawling capabilities. If you need a vehicle for rock crawling, mudding, and other extreme off-road adventures, the Jeep Patriot is a great choice.

9. Jeep Liberty

If you want a vehicle that’s bigger than a standard Jeep but smaller than a large SUV, look no further than the Jeep Liberty. This is a small SUV that provides more room than a standard Jeep without the bulkiness of a large SUV. Full skin-plate armoring, 4-wheel drive, and a V6 engine are just a few of the Jeep Liberty’s useful features that will come in handy on the trail.

What are the best Jeep models for off-roading? After learning about these 9 amazing Jeeps, you’ll be able to answer that question with ease. As you can see, the Wrangler isn’t the only off-roading Jeep around! To sum up, the best Jeep models for off-roading in the wilderness are the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, the Gladiator, the Wrangler Willys, the Grand Cherokee, the Renegade, the Wagoneer, the Compass, the Patriot, and the Liberty. With any one of these vehicles, you can drive wherever the wind takes you with ease.

What Are the Best Jeep Models for Off-Roading?

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