Tips to Avoid Hitting Deer and Reduce Vehicle Damage

Tips to Avoid Hitting Deer and Reduce Vehicle Damage

Jeep Wranglers are well-known to be tough vehicles, but a deer is one obstacle they can’t overcome. Whether you are just traveling on the road or going off-roading, deer can be a serious threat to your health and your Jeep. Use the following tips to avoid hitting deer and reduce vehicle damage.  

Be Vigilant 

First and foremost, in order to avoid a deer on the road, you need to mind your surroundings and keep your eyes on the road to be as alert as possible. While this should be the case all the time, deer are active late at night to early in the morning from October to December, so keep that in mind when you are driving and look out for deer crossing signs.  

Use Your Horn and Slow Down 

While some people might tell you to speed up when you come across a deer on the road, so you the animal can rollover your car and avoid your windshield—don't do this. A much better option would be to slow down with your brakes and use your horn to try and scare the deer off to avoid it completely instead of swerving.  

Use Your High Beam Lights 

Because deer are hard to see at night when they normally active, the next tip to avoid hitting deer and reduce vehicle damage is to take advantage of your high beam lights. High beam lights will allow you to see further ahead and give you enough time to stop. You will also most likely need them since you will usually come across deer in heavily wooded areas with no streetlights.  

Wait for Others 

If you do see one deer on the road, wait a few more seconds before you step on the gas again. The reason why is because deer typically travel as a pack, so there’s a chance that there might be more following the one you’ve just encountered.   

What If You Do Hit A Deer? 

So, what do you do if you still happen to hit a deer and damage your Jeep Wrangler JK front bumper even after following these tips? 

  1. Pull over to a safe spot on the road and turn on your hazard lights 
  2. Stay away from the deer 
  3. Contact authorities 
  4. Call your insurance company to report vehicle damage 
  5. Get a new front bumper at AM Off-Road 
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