The Best Headlights To Pair With Your Jeep Grille

The Best Headlights To Pair With Your Jeep Grille

After finding the right grille for your off-road vehicle, you might search for headlights that complement it. Thankfully, you have options to choose from when finding the best headlights to pair with your Jeep grille.

Honeycomb Headlights

You can pair honeycomb LED headlights with your grille, giving your vehicle a more aggressive appearance and increasing visibility at night. The lights are three times brighter than halogen and HID headlights.

In addition, honeycomb lights consume 60 percent less power than standard headlights and have a service life of 50,000 hours; you won’t have to worry about them burning out prematurely. Don’t worry about the rugged terrain being too harsh for the lights. They feature a housing with a clear polycarbonate lens that will prevent them from sustaining damage.

Halo and Half-Halo Headlights

Two other options for pairing the best headlights with your Jeep grille are halo and half-halo LED headlights. Halos can enhance the look of your Jeep with their integrated RGB halos that change color with the push of a button. You’ll create a unique look for your vehicle on and off the road!

Halo and half-halo lights put you ahead of standard headlight brightness. They emit 5,4000 lumens for high beams and 3,600 lumens for low beams, keeping you visible even as you travel through the roughest weather.

Smoked Lens LED Headlights

If you are looking for brightness but are concerned about your glare bothering other drivers, why not try LED headlights with a smoked lens? You will get the brightness and unique appearance that complements your Jeep while reducing headlight illumination from blinding oncoming drivers. It might save them from getting into an accident!

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