Manual vs. Automatic for Jeeps: What To Choose

Manual vs. Automatic for Jeeps: What To Choose

People mull over many factors before choosing the right vehicle. There are advantages to both types of Jeeps, and the one that is right for you will depend on what functions you want your car to have. For those looking for a new Wrangler, AM Off-road has reviewed manual vs. automatic for Jeeps: what to choose.

Manual Jeep Wranglers

If you enjoy driving the “old-fashioned” way, you will be a fan of manual transmission Jeeps. Look through their perks to see if a manual Jeep is the right fit for you.


Manual Jeeps are considerably less complicated compared to automatic Jeeps. They are reliable because they do not require excess machinery, such as a torque converter, auxiliary coolers, or valve body. Because they are less complex, manual Jeeps are easier to repair than automatics. Simpler repairs add to the fact that manual Jeeps tend to be budget-friendly as well.

More Control

You must shift gears when driving a manual Jeep, leaving you in complete control over how your car moves. Manual Jeeps create a unique experience for drivers and make them feel well connected with the vehicle. An automatic ride requires less from the driver and does not require them to engage with their car.

Fun and Engaged Driving

Jeeps make for an inarguably fun ride, regardless of whether they are automatic or manual. Manual is particularly fun because it requires the utmost driver engagement to drive. Drivers experience a new excitement of conquering roads when driving a stick shift.

Friendlier Pricing

Price is an inevitable factor when considering manual vs. automatic for Jeeps and which to choose. Generally, manual Jeeps are listed at a lower price than automatics. As mentioned above, manual Jeeps require less maintenance than automatics and decrease repair expenses accumulated over time.

Automatic Jeep Wranglers

As fun as manual Jeeps can be, the automatic Jeeps have their advantages, too.

Easy Drive

Automatic Jeeps do not require as much driver involvement, which makes it the prime option for those who want an easy ride. Automatics are commuter-friendly because they are smoother to drive than manuals when there is traffic. Inexperienced drivers and individuals who do not want the hassle of shifting gears will appreciate the ease of driving an automatic Jeep.

The Popular Choice

Several improvements have been made to automatic Jeeps over the years to make them the popular choice over manuals. Automatics have seen adjustments that improve gas mileage efficiency and boost power. Most automotive companies have shifted to release more automatic vehicles over time.

Whether you opt for a manual or automatic Jeep, consider giving your car an upgrade with AM Off-Road’s abundant accessories. We have everything you need to improve your manual or automatic vehicle’s performance and durability, from Jeep Wrangler door handle inserts to light bars and mounts. Peruse our site and get in touch to learn how you can enhance your favorite ride.

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